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  • Re: Beogram RX2 Dust Cover Assembly

    And, I learned this the hard way as well--DO NOT remove the dust cover!
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Bluesox on Wed, Sep 16 2020
    Filed under: Beogram RX2
  • Re: Beogram RX2 turntable

    There is always the possibility of a 'step-up amp' which is inserted in-between the TT and the preamp. It does what its name implies: steps up the signal a bit more for the preamp. The result is output that isn't "minimal". The step-ups originally were manufactured only in Japan - perfectly fine used ones can be purchased on eBay, but now are available elsewhere. There are also a few options that combine these functions (step-up and pre amp) as well. A reasonably priced one
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Bluesox on Wed, Sep 16 2020
  • Re: Beogram 1202 annoying hum

    I have a similar issue in that my Beogram RX2 has a feedback issue. I have a new MMC 3 cartridge, and pass through a Vincent PHO 8 preamp to KEF LS50's. This also occurs when patched into Sonos house system as external input. IS this a grounding issue? Or possibly something else? The lead from the RX2 seems to be indecent shape.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Bluesox on Sat, Aug 29 2020
    Filed under: Beogram RX2, pre amp, hum, humming, feedback
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