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  • Re: Beosound 3000 - no sound

    Reminds me of the Jeremy Thorpe scandal in the UK
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by iankw on Sun, Jul 5 2020
  • Re: Sticky residual on black parts

    I had some tools where the rubber had degenerated to a horrible sticky feel. I used an IPA spray and a bit of elbow grease with a cloth and now they are like new. You could try some rubbing alcohol if you have any cos its basically IPA. (Isopropylalcohol) Not drinkable BTW!
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by iankw on Sat, Jun 6 2020
  • CDX question mark problem.

    Hi I have a CDX which I bought from new which has not been used for some time. I decided that I wanted to get some proper enjoyment out it. After sorting out my RL45 speaker ABR problems I played a few CD's without problem. The following day I come to play another CD and have a "question mark" display and the CD doesn't play. So doing some research on this great B&O site I come to the conclusion that it may be a griplet problem. So I would like some advice on a couple of things
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by iankw on Sat, Jun 6 2020
  • Re: Subwoofer question.

    Thanks for the additional info Jeff. I'm a bit cofused about the Cona. When I searched for info on the Beoworld website re the Cona the description came up as "Beovox Cona Passive Subwoofer". Are there 2 variations on this with another one being just a Woofer. I obviously need to research the ABR more to find out a bit more about their function. Thank you for the tip about contacting Martin/Dillen I shall do that as well. Ian
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by iankw on Thu, May 14 2020
  • Re: Subwoofer question.

    Hi Champbeo, Thanks for your reply and the info it's a great help. iv'e been thinking that maybe I have used the wrong foam to repair the ABR's I have used laminate flooring underlay which is a closed cell foam rather than the original open cell foam. Would that make a difference? I'm a bit confused as to how the ABR actually works. Maybe the closed cell foam is blocking some of the sound or possibly it is too rigid to allow front to back movement of the metal plate. I have seen on
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by iankw on Thu, May 14 2020
  • Subwoofer question.

    Hi I would like some advice on installing a subwoofer onto my system. I purchased this back in 84 or 85 and it consists of a Beomaster 3000, Beogram 3000, Beocord 2000, Beogram CDX and 4 redline 45 speakers. The speakers have all sufferd with the dreade ABR rot and I have managed to fix that with some foam flooring underlay and contact adhesive. However I find the bass sounds a bit lacking and having purchased a samsung TV with soundbar and sub woofer the difference is quite significant. The B &
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by iankw on Wed, May 13 2020
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