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  • Bringing our B&O overseas

    Dear members of beoworld, If everything goes smoothly, I will move to Germany from Indonesia for some time and I would love to bring my B&O with me. My questions are as follows: 1. Do you have any experience moving with your B&O? 2. Do you send it with couriers like DHL, UPS, or FedEx? 3. What preparations should I need to do? 4. When I send documents to another country, DHL asks about the value of the package. Does the tax and customs apply to moving our product overseas? Thank you for your
  • Re: Earset 3 different versions…

    [quote user="matador43"] What is unclear still is was there a jump in quality or craftsmanship, between A8 and earset range? [/quote] In terms of craftsmanship, I think they are not so different. I struggle to find the difference when you touch them. Some say that the earset's sound quality improved compared to A8. Although, B&O claimed there was no difference in the specification
  • Re: Earset 3 different versions…

    [quote user="matador43"] Good evening to you alls, I'm considering one of this little wired buddies, maybe more as a collector than listener… Anyway. It seems they are many models : - Earphones (which comes in many color, seen in 2009-2010 catalog). - Earset 3 (in the same catalog but in the Phone section, looks like to have unilateral wire). - Earset 3i. - A8 (which seems to be the original model, but I'm not sure). I'd like to know what are the differences between models
  • Re: beosound 35

    [quote user="bwest1000"] I am connecting it wirelessly via a network wifi mesh system from ubiquity amplifi. I am trying to play it through multiple formats - bluetooth, chromcast and apple play so far. I did not adjust the country, and I will check. I appreciate the help, and I will try and connect it via the router to see if I can get a better response. However, it would be frustrating to have a piece of equipment like this and not have all the pieces and parts work perfectly. That would
  • Re: beosound 35

    [quote user="bwest1000"] I know I am replying to my own post, but wow. I have reset this thing a dozen times today. I feel like I am losing my mind. 35 quickly loses network connection. Says from the phone app that it is no longer available on the network. I am just going to have to call support. Luckily I bought it new from a dealer so it is under warranty. What I need it to do is a hard reset - factory settings, but it only does a soft reset. Current software is 1.22 something, but I
  • Re: beosound 35

    [quote user="bwest1000"] The price has crept down on the secondary market, and it appears some are still available from dealers. With a price around 2k, is the beosound 35 worth it? I know " worth it " is such a tough question, but it seems like since the time it came out that it was an overall unpopular speaker. Was it unpopular because it was bad or was it unpopular because it wasn't worth the price? Thanks. [/quote] As an owner of the BS 35, I can tell you that it is a
  • Broken rubber button on Beoplay H5

    I have a Beoplay H5 and I have been using since February 2018. Just today, the rubber button broke and it shows the parts inside. I am afraid that it may be exposed more easily to water and either it will get damaged or I will get electrocuted. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thank you for your attention and help
  • Re: How long can a wireless Headphone last

    [quote user="mbee"] As an owner of a pair of AirPods with moderate use that do not last more than one hour in phone mode after 4 years, and as an owner of a H9i with a big battery that still last hours and can be replaced just by opening a cover, I'm thinking more and more that for daily phone use, I'll replace the AirPods by the free EarPods that came with my iPhone : they will last for years without any problem and finally the cable is not an issue... And for music the H9i will
  • How long can a wireless Headphone last

    I have been using my Beoplay H5 since February 2018 and suddenly I wondered, how long a wireless headphone should last at least? A pair of wireless headphones will die sooner or later due to its battery capability and being non-replaceable. Thus, it begs the question. Do you guys have an idea? Perhaps is there a way to change our headphones' batteries for something like E8 and E6? Thank you for your attention!
  • Re: Pliers needed for charging H5

    [quote user="Griebel"] After 2 years of regular use of H5, it's the only way I can charge the earphones now and it's not a joke... [/quote] That is inconvenient! The magnets on both earphones do not attach itself to the charging cube, do they? Do the magnets still clip to each other? I mean when you are not charging and not using it, the magnets are attached to each other. Are they still holding strong? I have a Beoplay H5 as well for more than 2 years and nowhere this awful. Sorry
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