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  • Re: Pliers needed for charging H5

    [quote user="Griebel"] After 2 years of regular use of H5, it's the only way I can charge the earphones now and it's not a joke... [/quote] That is inconvenient! The magnets on both earphones do not attach itself to the charging cube, do they? Do the magnets still clip to each other? I mean when you are not charging and not using it, the magnets are attached to each other. Are they still holding strong? I have a Beoplay H5 as well for more than 2 years and nowhere this awful. Sorry
  • Re: Beosound 1 issues

    [quote user="emiryusuf"] When I try to add Beosound 1 wireless speakers to android app, I get the message "An error occured, trying to add the product to your account" repeatedly. Also I would like to know the meanings of different led messages ( Blue, Bright Blue, White and flashing orange) Is there a source to obtain a User manual or some guidelines to operate and troubleshoot the errors about this speaker? Kindest regards and thanks to who read this message and help. Emir Yusuf
  • Re: Beosound 1 issues

    [quote user="emiryusuf"] Thank you very much for your quick reply Robin, re-starting the phone solved the problem., I had already watched the yoıu tube video, Thanks. Absence of a user manual for this is formidable thıough, I cannot find a rationale behind this [/quote] Glad to help you solve your problem. I also did not get the user manual, only the quick start guide. Luckily, the Bang & Olufsen support has been dramatically improved. Not only it is available on phone 24/7, they also
  • Re: Beolink Multiroom software overhaul

    [quote user="StKong"] Hi all, I noticed today that virtually all my multiroom products (old and new) had pending updates. The result is quite wonderful, and I gather that B&O have been hard at work. ... Such a great and pleasant surprise, and a great leap forward. [/quote] Lately, I feel the same way with you. They have been working more on the software department. I appreciate their hard work to deliver the software updates that improve our experience.
  • Re: Bang & Olufsen Stores - Eure Erfahrungen???

    Könnte ich wissen, in welchem Land, das Sie nach meiner Erfahrung fragen? In meinem Heimatland, Indonesien, ist das Geschäft gut. Es behandelt gut beim kaufen. Aber für die Reparatur habe ich gehört, dass die Erfahrung nicht so zuverlässig ist. Einmal telefonierte ich das Service Centre, weil ich meinen Earset 3i Kopfhörer reparieren möchte. Obwohl es ihn reparieren konnte, kostete die Reparatur unglaublich hoch und gab es nur ein Kabel. Das bedeutet, die Verfügbarkeit
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by Antonius Robin Iriawan on Thu, Jul 2 2020
  • Re: Bang & Olufsen Stores - Eure Erfahrungen???

    [quote user="RS4346"] In augustus gaat ook Amsterdam sluiten. [/quote] Meinen Sie den Laden auf der Van Baerlestraat Strasse? Sehr traurig zu hören... Do you mean the store on the Van Baerlestraat street? So sad to hear...
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by Antonius Robin Iriawan on Thu, Jul 2 2020
  • Missing software update for the Beolink Multiroom products

    My app showed that there was a new update. I forget the exact version but it starts with 1.28. I tried installing the new software but suddenly it failed and when I tried again, my app said there was no new software update. Does anyone experience this problem? Is it a glitch from the server?
  • Re: Missing software update for the Beolink Multiroom products

    There are some new things: 1. The software is not 1.28, but 1.22.38750.68306899 2. Oddly, before, the app said the installation failed. But when I checked again the app, it is already updated. Sorry for the problems caused :-(
  • Re: What's with all the mono-only speakers?

    [quote user="PaulGiles"]It seems very limited to me too. Ok, sell the “mono” speaker but have the facility to stereo pair like Sonos. E.g. M3 vs Sonos 1 M3 is stuck as single speaker and you cannot switch the Led off, for. Bedroom environment this can be quite bright. Sonos on the other hand, stereo pair, ability to switch off led. B&O have stated it is 100% not possible with the M3. A real missed opportunity I think. [/quote] The newer versions of Bang & Olufsen mono
  • Re: Music streaming through Beolink Multiroom

    [quote user="andy_js"]There is no conversion. It passes on the details about where the file can be found along with time data which can be used to ensure every device is able to play back the media in sync. [/quote] Thank you, andy_js! I highly appreciate it.
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