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  • Re: Apple Lossless

    [quote user="BeoJosh"] Apple today announced Apple Lossless for Apple Music, with Hi-Res up to 24/192, coming in June to 20m songs, with the rest of the 75m song catalog by the end of the year. Doubt it'll work over AP but reports say it will play on Apple TV. Details/specifics are still sparse, but I'm very curious to see how this might work--and sound--on our B&O equipment.... [/quote] I have been listening my lossless music through Airplay 2. My music files are in AIFF 16
  • Re: Broken rubber button on Beoplay H5

    [quote user="MarcosAlvarenga"] Same problem here. How did you figure it out? [/quote] The cable is torn badly. I think it happens because I pressed the button far too many(?) Now, I doubt that it will not happen to the E4 nor Earset as they have rubber buttons as well.
  • Re: Wireless Speakers

    Dear Houlden, What are you looking for? Since you have a Beosound core, practically all B&O's newest wireless speakers will connect harmoniously with the Beosound core. Personally, it depends on the size of your room and design. In my case, I prefer the Beosound 2 over anything else. It is already quite powerful, it has that aluminium look that is unmistakable, and as far as I know, reliable. If you are after sound quality but still compact, Beosound Balance. It has the same tall design profile
  • Re: beosound 35

    [quote user="HH1971"] A new Software Version 1.24.41627 for the Beosound 35 is available. Does anyone know what this version will change, what additional features it offers? Are there any new bugs implemented, as so often when B&O is offering new software releases that probably never will be fixed? After all my very bad experience with software updates on my Beosound Moment, do I have to install this update and what do I miss if I do not install it? Does this software update will show
  • Re: Airplay2 on B&O products reliable?

    [quote user="Alsfeld"] Does the new available software version 1.24.41627 handle the meta data issue on the Beosound 35 when using Airplay? [/quote] If you ask whether the player shows metadata when streaming through airplay, the answer is no. I have a difficult time to see what's different.
  • Re: Beoplay M5 - new sw - 1.24.40904

    I just updated my BS 35. According to the Bang & Olufsen support, the new update is a new Audio Streaming Engine. Since the app has not yet played AIFF files, I have been streaming through Airplay 2. So, I am not sure I notice any difference. Does anyone notice any difference? @Razlaw: Glad to hear that your TuneIn Station works again because of the new update.
  • Re: Bang & Olufsen app won't stream music files

    [quote user="mbolo01"] I received an update: B&O ack the bug for both AIFF and WAV files. Should be fixed in one of the coming App releases. [/quote] Merci for your update. I have not received any reply yet from them. :-)
  • Re: B&O App - Ver. 3.x.x Issues tracker (beta & prod)

    Dear mbolo01, I received a reply for my case 270564 It says "Dear Antonius, Thank you for your patience so far. We just heard back from our technical team and were informed, that there might be a compatibility issue with the file format and your iPhone, as this device is the only thing that actually changed in the setup since it stopped working. Can the iPhone currently play AIFF files on its internal speakers? We are looking forward to hearing from you again." I replied them my phone plays
  • Re: Bang & Olufsen app won't stream music files

    [quote user="mbolo01"] I added the issue to the list I maintain here --> I raised a case too # 273969 @ Antonius Robin Iriawan: please update us when you receive B&O productive feedback. [/quote] Thank you for your help! The last email for my case (270564) was on the 24 October 2020. So far, no new update. I will keep you updated on the post that you mentioned.
  • Earset or E4 Rubber button quality

    Dear Beoworlders, I am considering the Beoplay Earset. However, I have my doubt over the rubber button of the Earset, which I find similar to E4. Does anyone have experience with the rubber button? Does it break after some time of use? The reason I doubt is because my H5 button was torn. Attached below is the picture of the rubber button of my H5.
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