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  • IR Eye

    Hi, its been a while. Like the new forum and thanks to all for the effort involved. My IR Eye on a on a beo link active kit no longer responds. It flashes a light when a button on the remote is pressed though it no longer activates? Any ideas? cheers and thanks, beoaus
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Mon, Apr 9 2012
  • Re: New AppleTV - No sound on BV7-32?

    Hello, I solved this problem with B&O a while ago. Update the BV7 with the new chips. I have a BV7MKII and the AC3 update fixed the PCM problem, you also need to make a change on the BV7 menu to accept PCM. Search for my username and the part no's should come up in the old forum. Just tried the ATV2 and it works for music and video. The only problem is that you need to select speaker 2 when music is played via the AppleTV. BTW if you can update to the version which enables the 4 PUC's
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • Re: TiVo in Link Room

    We have the TiVo 320GB unit connected to a BV7 via HDMI -> DVI and optical audio out. It is also connected via the component cables and a SCART to RCA connector on the back of the BV7. This connection is distributed via master link and it all works well. We do the same with an ATV1 using ATV Flash software. Hope this helps. Beoaus.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Fri, Aug 3 2012
  • Re: Use both Powerlink sockets Beolab's

    I still have local and ML sources connected to Beolab 1's. I used to have a manual powerlink switch to manage the change over (now I change the cable and rarely at that). For a time a BS9000 connected direct to the Beolab1's sounded better than when it ran through a BV7 sound processor. Also useful for testing other B&O equipment. As was mentioned above the Powerlink sockets are in parallel. beoaus.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Sun, Sep 9 2012
  • Re: Subwoofer (BL2) not switching off

    I'd check the cabling is seated correctly and the delays in the menu's don't have strange values. Sound odd but you could try this (you will think its strange) - turn off everything at the power socket. Turn on the system and configure the front speakers as BL4000's and the rears as BL1's, leave the BL2 connected. (Hope I got the speakers correct). The improbable speaker selection in some TV's resets the connections and sound settings as well as some other black magic. Turn
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Tue, Sep 18 2012
  • Re: Subwoofer (BL2) not switching off

    Maybe another powerlink cable?. It almost sound as if the powerdown process fails and after 15mins some fallback shutoff automatically occurs. The consistancy in the time indicates as such. ... Not 100% sure I have the speaker selection correct. I imagine you have turned off PCM on the menu to see what happens. For me that would be Menu, move to options but do not press select, press the red button and look from there. Maybe different on your system. Regardless at this point I would contact the dealer
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Thu, Sep 20 2012
  • Re: CD Sound Quality

    Interesting thread. I spent some time, a while ago, testing BL9's and found that the mid range was lacking and treble high highlighted with some cd's. The dealer thought I was mad, though the problem was there so I did not purchase the speakers. They are based on the BL1 innards which I have and don't suffer these issues. My thoughts are that these speakers should perform better than they do in my experience. Hope you sort out the problems. beoaus.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Mon, Sep 24 2012
  • Which non B&O headphones to listen to B&O and Apple systems?

    Hi all, I need to audition some good quality closed back headphones that would wirelessly and simply connect to a BV7 and or a BS9000 somehow. Ideally to cover all bases they would also work wirelessly with an iPad and iMac. I'm not sure this is at all possible. Any there any suggestions and if so how would they work? Thanks, beoaus
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Fri, Nov 16 2012
  • Re: The question I didn't want to ask... BeoLab 2 for the BL1s?

    Hi, I have the BL1's with a BL2. Spent time with the settings on the BL1's including the internal adjustments and with the BL2. Its a terrific combination for music (2 channel) and DTS or like movie sound. I have my BL2 set just lower than the volume of the other speakers and am happy with the sound. I believe the result is not to far away from the BL5's. The major difference being the BL2 does tend to over power at the higher ranges of volume, 65. My settings work best at about 55 and
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Sat, Apr 13 2013
  • Re: Has B&O lost the plot?

    Hi, I think no. Sure they are playing in different technological area's but they allways have had different product categories and specifically stand alone equipment. The masterlink and methods of integrating products was world leading, so was Audio and Video products for some time. New methods of linking products through WiFi and networking are common place and allow the consumer to grasp music and video from everywhere. Something masterlink was never able to do. So it will change, bit like
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beoaus on Sat, Apr 13 2013
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