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  • Re: Beogram 4002 PCB 3 Repair PN 8005019 plus restoration

    What a great job!Well done sir. I think I'd apply some laquer to the pcb to protect it though,and also replace those axial blue Philips electrolytics on the main pcb,which are probably past their best. Wisdom after the event I guess,and "if it aint broke don't fix it"? A lucky find in such good condtion indeed,and well sorted Enjoy Nick
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by solderon29 on Mon, Dec 28 2020
  • Re: Beocentre 9500 or 9300

    The '9500 despite the numbering is the older but better unit imho. The styling is very similar,but the bulk of the electronics is different between the two units. Reliability seems to have been better with the '9500 too. There is a subtle difference in sound quality.Although the output stages are virtually the same,the signal processing is different. This will be less important to you if you are using active 'speakers though,as they don't don't use the main amplifier in the unit
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by solderon29 on Mon, Dec 28 2020
  • Re: Beogram 4000c ... does this mean we can buy new cartridges?

    This new cartridge is made by Ortofon it seems! Curious,given that B&O gave the license to Sound Smith to make the replacements for originals? Nick
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by solderon29 on Sat, Dec 5 2020
  • Re: RIAA Pre-amplifier - which end of the cable?

    If it's the BG3000/5228,they were designed for retro fitting of an internal RIAA preamplifier. Member Dillen makes a kit based upon the original design.Have a look at his website Beoparts for more info. If you need to extend the connecting cable,you will need a special cable with Din socket at one end,to accomodate the existing connector,and a Din plug to connect into the the Beosound. It's crucial that this cable is made for B&O application,otherwise you will experience awful hum problems
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by solderon29 on Fri, Dec 4 2020
  • Re: beloit 700 type1505 (70's version)

    The inset strip should be a bit "squidgy"(maleable?)as this is what gives the fine tune via the wheels it's action. You could try cleaning it with the alcohol or may even be able to replace it with a cut down length of thin sealing strip? Nick
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by solderon29 on Thu, Nov 26 2020
  • Re: beloit 700 type1505 (70's version)

    I would'nt expect the switch unit to stop the am section working,they usually just become noisy due to oxidised contacts,as you say. Be careful what you use to clean the switches! As you have the switch bank out of the unit,you can get a good look at it,and actually measure the contact resistance. I've had some success with cleaning switches in an ultrasonic bath,using the special fluid. IPA(no,not pale ale,but that might help your mood!) in aerosol form is useful too,as it cleans away the
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by solderon29 on Wed, Nov 25 2020
  • Re: Beogram 4000c - Recreated Limited Edition

    What a "damp quib" after all the hype? It looks as though it was designed by commitee,d'oh! They could'nt really improve the aesthetic design of the '4000,and would have been better advised to keep the essential aspects of that,but improve with modern materials,the performance and reliability(imho) As other's have mentioned,it's principally a marketing exercise,and I imagine that the vast bulk of the produced 95 will end up with Dealers and speculators,and be rarely
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by solderon29 on Tue, Oct 13 2020
  • Re: Powerlink for Beomaster 5500

    Goodo,thanks for sharing the info. Nick
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by solderon29 on Sat, Oct 3 2020
  • Re: Powerlink for Beomaster 5500

    If you look at the circuit diagram of the Beomaster 6500 ,you will see that it's essentially the same output stage as the '5500,but it has powerlink outputs too. If you adapt your '5500 accordingly,you can run the signal and trigger cables out of the Beomaster and on to the input of the MCL2p via a 5x pin plug.The connections for the Din plug can be found in the MCL2p manual,but if it's not on site here,I have a copy somewhere. The MCL2P amp will switch on and off in tandem with the
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by solderon29 on Tue, Sep 29 2020
  • Re: Chassis swap between 21" and 28" CRT Beovisions

    Yes indeed,you should be able to do this,although as you have noticed,there are some subtle differences in the deflection circuits between the two screen sizes. However,It might be worth trying the "official" test procedure too? In my own experience,blanket "re-capping"is not often the solution. There are several "usual suspects"when this problem presents.This was/is a very reliable chassis,and the problem you have is the very sophisticated protection system preventing
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by solderon29 on Sun, Sep 27 2020
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