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  • Re: Homekit (homebridge) Integration Beoplay and bsys4.

    I've released a simple speaker control plugin for homebridge (look for homebridge-beoplay in the npm repository). I'd be interested in feedback. I've so far implemented mute/standy and volume control, although in order to get the volume control usable by Siri its necessary to expose the speaker as if it was a lightbulb - similar to your thermostat implementation.
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by connectjunkie on Wed, Sep 11 2019
    Filed under: homebridge
  • Re: Some fun with hacking and integration

    I'd be interested in too - I've been hacking around with pretty much everything in my house that isn't already supported by Homebridge, and my A9 mk2 is one of them. I've pushed a very basic plugin for now (look for homebridge-beoplay in the npm repo), but would be interested in feedback and testing. The difficult thing is figuring out what would actually be useful to add into HomeKit as the AV support is sadly lacking.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by connectjunkie on Wed, Sep 11 2019
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