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  • Re: Cleaning/labelling the Essence Remote

    Hi, Our essence remote has no visible liquid marks behind the plastic mask of the wheel but some functional problems due to a splash of red wine: Although we instantly dried the battery housing and the lower compartiment of our table remote (advice from beoworld for a submerged beocom6000) the "forward" button on the wheel doesn't work anymore. All the other functions work perfectly. Anyone out there who tried to disassemble and clean the whole thing? Thanks in advance David
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Sun, Nov 29 2020
  • Module cases for Beovision LK 5000/6000 MX 4000/6000 No. 3397862

    Selling two Module cases for LK 5000/6000 MX 4000/6000 No. 3397862 , year 1992 , case itself is missing, only foam is available. Few boards are also missing.Small manual in french and german is included. (these are repair cases with new spare boards) I bought these spare boards for a project to include a videomaster in a mcl system without having a real TV. Last week we got our first B&O TV so the project is obsolete. Asking 40£ plus freight from Switzerland for the two cases (about the
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by beowild on Fri, Sep 28 2018
    Filed under: Beovision, Module case
  • Re: Bang & Olufsen BeoVox Cona connected to a class D amplifier (2 speakers output 50w 8ohms)

    Hi and welcome to Beoworld The amplifier will work together with the Sub, no problem. I had such a combination for many years (Class D from icepower and also from Tripath). Your bookshelfs will also play together with the cona without burning. Sound Quality is another question because the cona was made for the very small CX50 / CX100 and has a rather high crossover frequency of 175 Hz. Whether the difference from 6 Ohms of the CX's to the 8 Ohms of your Bookshelfs affects the quality is something
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Fri, Nov 17 2017
  • Re: Credible alternatives...

    Sony: Small 32' TV in the bedroom Canton: Small Speakers (CD10) in bedroom and kitchen Motu: Multichannel audio in the home office Apple: ipad mini with beomusic In general components not available from b&o best regards, david
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Wed, Jul 12 2017
  • Re: Beocord 6500 in white

    Hi Where about do you live? Makes no sense to send a beocord (even a nice white one) around the world... What is your idea of a good price? best regards, David
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Wanted (Forum) by beowild on Wed, Apr 19 2017
  • Re: Beolink Active + Linn Power Amp

    Hi I made very good experiences with IcePower 50ASX2 Amps and also with Tripath TA2022 modules from audiophonics in France. These are connected to CX100, CX50 and P45 Speakers. The IcePower Modules seem to be a little more robust than the Tripaths and are easy to integrate. For the M100's i suggest at least 125ASX2 Amps which are available on the market from different sources (as modules or as complete amps). With the IcePower Amps you drive your passive Beovoxes with almost the same amps you
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Thu, Apr 13 2017
  • Re: Beovox 3000

    Hi and welcome to Beoworld! Usually Beovox woofers are specially designed by B&O and ordered from different suppliers. It will be difficult to get new woofers on the free market which fit the original 100%. Howewer you can order spare woofers at a dealer even for older models (We are quite happy with 4 new CX100 woofers we bought for a reasonable price. Another possibility would be to repair the woofer, depending on the problem it has. You will find a lot of posts in our forum concerning repair
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Wed, Apr 12 2017
  • Beocom 6000 not showing incoming call numbers

    Hi Because of a provider change, we had to change our isdn basestation (MKI) to a new old stock pstn basestation (MKI) we bought. In the beginning everything seemed to work well, but then we recognised that the incoming calls don't show the numbers of the incoming call anymore. Instead the whole display blinks on all the handsets. I haven't found a hint in one of the manuals how to switch this on an off. The problem doesn't exist with a regular pstn phone. Every contribution to solve
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Mon, Apr 10 2017
    Filed under: Beocom 6000, beocom pstn
  • Re: B&O CD 3300 Playing Quality Issues

    Hi Anthony As far as i remember the CD3300 won't fit your BM3500 exactly. The CD3300 has a data connection which fits the Beomaster 3300 but no other BM with datalink. What you can do is to eliminate datalink by unscrewing the connections 6 and 7 in the male connector of your CD3300. At least you will be able to listen to the CD playing. This should work with the tape port (and also with the CD port). For the correct "programming" of the different ports please have a look at your user
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Tue, Mar 28 2017
  • Re: Looking for CD player alternatives for Beosystem 3000... Help!

    Hi I fully agree with the posts of Friedmet and Peter. Beosystem 3000 was my first approach to B&O and i still love the design and multiroom capability. Connecting a CD-Player was an option from the beginning, because the first CD-Players where ready on the shelf. B&O solved the problem with a small switch you could place more or less hidden between the components. With this you could switch between the datalink tape and a non datalink CD-Player. You never were able to fully remote control
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beowild on Fri, Mar 17 2017
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