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  • Re: CREATION 5 App on iPad

    With Creation 5 you wont get it to work with MOTS. And another downside, your IPAD screen needs to be on all the time to play the next number. As soon as you turn it off, Beosound 5 will stop playing. With the Beo 6, MOTS is working like a charm. Hopefully B&O will come out with a software for IPAD or Iphone soon.
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by gysse2004 on Fri, Dec 14 2012
  • Re: Peter Pans Hjemmebio, - interface - tips & tricks.

    Tak for det Mille-Mis Jeg er som sådan godt tilfreds med mit setup, men Struer har, for at sige det mildt sagt været sløve i optrækket når det kommer til software opdateringer til BS5. Jeg fik min BS5 i 2009 og det er selvsagt et helt andet produkt i dag. Men det var først med Beo6, at den gav rigtig mening ! Bare synd at man skal ha 2 af dem..Den ene er altid løbet tør for strøm. Og så er det altså en fjernbetjening til 10.000
    Posted to BeoWorld Nordic (Forum) by gysse2004 on Sun, Apr 14 2013
  • Beo6 Scene icon

    I am rebuilding my Beo6, but has run into a little problem. When ever i try to edit the Radio icons, the scene icon goes from the lower right corner to the upper left corner. I have tryied several things, but none seams to resolve it. Any clues ?? Peter
    Posted to The Beo5/06 Remote Forum (Forum) by gysse2004 on Fri, May 24 2013
  • Re: BeoSound 5 - search function for Spotify released

    I agree with Beobuddy, difficult to make a search funktion without touch-screen. You have to work with the product, incuding its limitations. But the nice thing about this upgrade is the ability to ad ALBUMS and PLAYLIST to a designated number, not just the colorred preset buttons. Maybe the Beo6 will be upgraded aswell with search funktion ! Or even the Beoremote app or othe IOS. Peter
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Thu, Jul 4 2013
  • Re: Beovision 12 / Beosystem 3 Mkll

    Hi Beomegaman, Thank you so much.. I guess that answers the question, strange thou it may sound- Is there a good explanation ? Another thing, while we are at it, somtimes when DTV is switched on it looks like it is overscaling the screen, If I then switch to another source it seams to claer ! Maybe a software bug in DVB-HD module Peter
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Mon, Jul 15 2013
  • Re: Beovision 12 / Beosystem 3 Mkll

    I have just tryied to remove the HDMI cable to the screen. It still starts up, if I remove the monitor cable the screen does not start up, so it must be the monitor cable going to the panel that controlles the on and off signal ! I am wondering if an external linkeye would do the job ? That is what I had on my BV4. Peter
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Tue, Jul 16 2013
  • Beovision 12 / Beosystem 3 Mklll

    Just got a new BV12, with BS3 3D. Connected to BS3 is also BM/BS5 via ML. Before I had BV4-50 with BS3 Mk1. Here is the problem, when audio source is selected ie. CD,A.Mem or Radio- the screen also starts up, with no picture of course. In the old setup this did not happen. Is there a fault in BS3, or is there a workaround ? For sure the screen is not suppose to start up if no pictute is detected ! Powersaving is disable, and TV is in option 2. When i select audio from link room, the screen does not
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Sun, Jul 14 2013
  • Beosound 5 missing N.Radio cover

    Hi I've just got my BM5/BS5 back from repair. Problem is that the N.Radio is missing almost all the "station-covers". Could it take days for them to come back?. Or is there somthing active that I have to do, to get them back? Beomaster5 has got new mainboard and new HD. Beosound 5 has got a new display. Peter
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Sat, May 31 2014
  • Re: Beosound 5 Spotify, internet connection

    Reply back from Struer, they are working with Spotify to find a solution asap.. ''Tak for din henvendelse til Bang & Olufsen kundeservice vedrørende den manglende adgang til Spotify fra BeoSound 5. Vi er opmærksomme på problemet og arbejder sammen Spotify på at finde en løsning hurtigst muligt. Med venlig hilsen Bang & Olufsen a/s''
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Fri, Sep 2 2016
  • Re: BeoSystem 3 vs BeoSystem 4

    Hi Edward I think you would be very happy with MLGW. I've bought a second hand unit, and also a ML/NL converter. I feel that the combo, with my BS3, is up to date. The `BeoLink app, provides easy browsing in the BS5 library. The ML/NL converter links all the new NL products to the old Masterlink. Work really well. Peter
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gysse2004 on Thu, Feb 9 2017
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