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  • Re: Beolab 3500 sound troubles

    I have same issue.... it is an amp issue, I'm sure. I have same noise regardless of Powerlink, Masterlink etc. When you are using Steve's cable, the volume is at maximum, so to speak - and its the source that controls volume by the input setting.. When I use Masterlink, I dont hear the clicking as much, as volume setting is controlled by the unit it self.. Did you manage to find a solution / Repair ? Does anyone else know about this issue at all ?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Schone on Wed, Mar 6 2019
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  • Re: Powerlink Conversion

    Many thanks, Steve - and all others, who replied to this problem. It seems like I have mixed up converter 1611 and 1636 - if 1636 is a Beolink Active... But you solved it, Steve - it's as easy as that. I can place the IR-eye on a wall back to back with the same wall as the BS5 is standing at. The 1636 active will be connected via Masterlink to the BS5 in the same cupboard as the BM5 is in - and here I also have the Powerlink for the link-room. Hell, why didn't I think of that !!! Thanks for
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by Schone on Fri, Sep 21 2018
  • Re: Powerlink Conversion

    I get your thinking… thus, I would prefere not to amplify as a middle step. Are you at the same time saying, that the 1611 cannot convert Powerlink to Masterlink - my understanding is, that the 1611 works both ways?!
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by Schone on Wed, Sep 19 2018
  • Powerlink Conversion

    Hi I'm setting up a Link-room, with Beolab 3. Signal comes from Beosound 5. BUT: I made a mistake during the rebuild of my house. Available connection in the Link-room is Powerlink , not Masterlink, and its not possible to change. I want/need to add an IR-eye to control the BS5 from the Link-room. I guess I must convert the Powerlink signal to Masterlink. Can a 1611 converter do this ? and if, do I then connect an additional 1611 via Masterlink to the 1611, to add the IR-eye and connect the BL3
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by Schone on Wed, Sep 19 2018
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