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  • Re: It was only a matter of time.

    [quote user="Søren Hammer"] I have always liked the Beogram 1200-series for it's clean and modern styling - That was the reason why it appeared in Pink Floyd's "Money" music video in 1973! Congratulations Evan, it is a nice match with a Beomaster 3000. @Søren: You are a very generous man, kudos to you for helping young (and poor) students! [quote user="Rich"] I have that version of the LP as well. Had to trim out the spindle hole, IIRC. [/quote
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Ricardo on Wed, Apr 18 2012
  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    My first Beo purchase in quite some time and it arrived as described from the seller A quick look inside revealed what appears to be a broken shield wire. Dont know yet if reconnecting will fix the problem or not. but I will be finding out shortly. purchased because ... "one must complete the set".
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sat, Apr 14 2012
  • Re: Beogram CD 50, Mexico

    Congratulations Soren you did it and I bet you listen to it more than your other CD players. Jacques you will not be disappointed. While the lowly CD50 often get a bit of a bad rap it really is a good player when it can be restored to good working condition and I also like the dispaly and overall aesthetics much better than the much ballyhooed CD5500 that i never listen to anymore. It has been collecting dust for nearly 2 years.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sat, Mar 31 2012
  • Re: Beomaster 2000 at last

    I like mine - one of my favorite pieces and it wasnt too hard to sort thru - bought my lamp kit from martin and yes I had the same problem with the tuning string as Mika describes. easy to fix if you have 3 hands. A bit of a bear if you only have two.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sun, May 13 2012
  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    [quote user="Rich"] I will guess it's a BG3404. I have two of them, and I think it was a US only model. That rack is very cool. That would be perfect for my spare bedroom system: BG3404 (MMC20EN), BM2400, BC2400, S40. [/quote] Correct Rich, my guess would be that electronically it is the same as a Beogram 2404. the only difference being the stylus cartridge used. I had never really given that deck much serious thought until i realised it was datalink compatible with the Beomaster 2400
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sun, May 27 2012
  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    [quote user="Leslie"] [quote user="bzuidgeest"] Other question. Did you paint the panels or did you tape them over? either is suggested in your previous posts. [/quote] Did I? Link referred to adhesive tape so not painted! [/quote] I will need something like that or some other type of laminate to cover the speaker set I intend to match up. for smaller piece the paint is fine, but I wouldnt want to use it on a larger surface area like a speaker cabinet unless I sprayed it. I have
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sun, Jun 3 2012
  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    The tants stay and if there is a need to replace some then it will be with another tant of the same value. As for the audio grade caps. i purchased a lot of them a a year or so ago and recapped pieces with them and was able to compare the sound quality to earlier work done with generic and couldnt really hear much , if any, difference at all. Once I use up my remaining stock of KW and FW I will be replacing them with stinky ole generic Fujicon RK's and make up any shortfalls with even lowlier
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sun, Jun 17 2012
  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    Yes it is a bit of a debate that I have seen play out countless times before on the old forums. But anyways I powered it back up at low volume last night just to see if my repairs to the stereo lamp circuit had worked. It did. Now - about a year ago I rebuilt one of these replacing the tants with Nichicon FW and KW caps and while I enjoy how it sounds I had always wanted to do one that more or less conformed to the original spec and now I have. I think i remember saying something to that affect to
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Mon, Jun 18 2012
  • Re: What's playing RIGHT NOW?

    [quote user="Søren Mexico"] [quote user="eugene1960"] ... your boyfriends means and your moms a *** .... [/quote] Into saloon language today , Eugene, post me a pic of that bench with everything, its just ideal, have a good carpenter here he will make one for me. [/quote] It is a lyric from the song... "your boyfriend is mean and your moms a bit** ! it is a sideboard with two matching end tables or 3 pieces total
    Posted to Music & Film (Forum) by Ricardo on Fri, Jun 22 2012
  • Re: What Are You Working On Now

    [quote user="Søren Mexico"] The virus got to me again, I thought it would keep a little on hold, after the BG 1202 and Beovox 1600, but no, it forced me to bid on this marvel, and I won it, missing plexi on treble control, a job for the long Mexican winter nights. The Fabric Selector is going to kill me, or worth. [/quote] You wont be disappointed in the least. I like mine so much I am probably going to sell off my 4000's. Get a set of S-75's to go with it.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Ricardo on Sat, Jul 7 2012
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