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  • Re: Beo4-Variante und Ansteuerung von BC9500 (insbes. über MCL2AV Tranceiver)

    Hallo Max, eine Beo 4 ohne <List> Taste? Das muß dann eine spezielle Hotel Version sein. Trotzdem sollte es auch damit funktionieren: Beocenter 9500 in Standby setzen, dann unter 'Option' <A.Opt>' auswählen und die '2' drücken. Damit wird das BC9500 in den Modus gesetzt, mit dem es auch auf Video Befehle reagiert. Jetzt sollte ein drücken der Videotasten (TV, SAT, DTV, V.MEM oder DVD) das BC9500 veranlassen auf den AUX/TV Anschluß zu schalten
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, May 13 2019
  • Re: 2 x Beolab 7.4 as stereo speakers

    Hi, there's no filtering for the mono speaker. It's just adding the left and the right channel to the sum ( =mono). It will work with two BL 7.4 as steero speakers, if you feed them with a special powerlink cable: the one cable should only feed the left channel while the other one feeds only the right channel signal. Normal powerlink cables feed both channels !!! Using a normal powerlink cable would give you a great sound in double mono! Simple way is to ask Steve from Sounds Heavenly ( tripple
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, May 13 2019
  • Re: B&O alarm clock for my bedroom

    Might work... But the BeoTime is a much more elegant solution. I think the Beosound 8 could also be controlled with a Beo4. The only 'problem' is to find the 'source' key to activate the Beosound 8. Maybe N.Music or N.Radio will do the job. The Beosound allows to select a specific track, or radio station when the alarm time has come. The alarm time gives the choice to select 'Radio' and '3' for example, or 'A.Tape' '7'...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, Apr 15 2019
  • Re: B&O alarm clock for my bedroom

    Hi, any B&O system you like can be used with the BeoTime (flute). The old Beosound 1, a Beosound 9000, Beocenter 9500... Even a B&O TV masterlinked to the main room can act as wakeup speaker in the morning.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, Apr 15 2019
  • Re: Raspberry PI as media center steered by Beolink 4

    Hi, several years ago i downloaded the 'correct' (= old format) Lirc file from It's attached as a zip file containing 'beo4.conf'.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, Apr 8 2019
  • Re: Beosound 4 to Beolab 4

    Hi, the AUX connectors (4 RCA) are fixed level connection giving a input and output to connect a tape recorder. The AUX Out part is not suited to connect Beolab 4 PC. As Michael mentioned before ask Steve from Sound Heavenly (link at the bottom of the page). I'm sure he can help you with the appropiate adapter solution.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Wed, Apr 3 2019
  • Re: Beo6 control of newer generation TVs

    Hi, the Beo5/6 are 'only' IR remotes so the counterpart (TV, Audio device or Link device) need to receive the IR signal. If the new TV requires a BT ( Bluetooth) remote there's no chance. In the Masterlink system it was at least possible to set the TV to V.Opt.0 and use the Audiosystem in A.Opt2
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, Apr 1 2019
  • Re: Problem accessing CCTV via Beo 4 remote control

    Hi, what happens if you are on, let's say DVD(Playstation) and then press TV? In the Setup you can select an AV connection and assign the source key (TV, DVD, DTV,( SAT)...) in the setup for this AV port you can also select which HDMI port should be used (HDMI-C). To get the TV key available the build in analog Tuner (and, if installed, the DVB-T) of the BV 10-32 has / have to be disabled.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Wed, Mar 27 2019
  • Re: Optionsprogrammierung oder zweiter NL-ML Converter

    Hallo Armin, Du könntest die Ouverture in Option 6 setzen (geht ab SW 2.0 aufwärts). Damit wäre sie lokal normal bedienbar, und aus einem Linkraum mit Beolab 3500 mittels <LINK> <Radio>.... bedienbar. Bei der BS9000 solltest Du die quellen auch mit <LINK> <Radio>... erreichen können Auch vom V1 aus sollte Sie mittels <LINK> >Radio>... bedienbar sein. Zumindest auf der Masterlink Seite sollte dies funktionieren.
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by RaMaBo on Wed, Mar 27 2019
  • Re: Beosystem3 and DVD2 recording to HDD

    Hi Stoobie, it should work with the following restrictions: - No B&O sound possible while Live TV, only TV speakers - You have to 'force' the TV to use it's built-in tuner and display the live TV (switch with the TVs remote from HDMI input to Freeview) - No 'live' recording (by pushing <RECORD> twice on the Beo4) except this complicate sequence: switch TV to HDMI in 8TVs remote, start B&O freeview (now get your Beo4), select the same channel as Live-TV, start recording
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Sat, Mar 23 2019
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