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  • Re: Beomaster 8000 Project

    The signal meters can't be compared directly because there are used completely different chips for FM demodulator. As far as i remember the CA3189 (used in the BM8000) has an logarithmic scaled output for the signal strength whereas the TCA chip in the BM4400 has a somewhat different scale. So don't give to much on the reading of the signal meter. What's an ok reception on the bm8000? is there a bit hissing in the background? If so try mono reception is it better then? i never heard both
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by RaMaBo on Fri, Aug 30 2013
  • Re: Light Control LC 2

    Hallo Julefreund, funktioniert denn die BEO4 Bedienung überhaupt? Also LIGHT, GO oder LIGHT, STOP, denn wenn der LC2 auch darauf hin nicht reagiert, hat er ein Problem mit dem IR Empfang. Laut Manual ist es eigentlich egal, ob der Verbraucher beim programmieren der Geräte Nummer nun ein geschaltet ist, oder aus.
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by RaMaBo on Tue, Nov 5 2013
  • Re: BEOLINK 5000

    Hi Russ, i'm sorry but you would need a new mainboard with display or a complete new Beolink 5000. Both are official no more available. Be warned for used Beolinks from eBay. They often have bad pixels which can't be repaired too. Maybe for every day use a Beolink 1000 and for the full control of your beocenter 9500 a nice Beolink 7000.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by RaMaBo on Thu, Oct 31 2013
  • Re: Beovision 8-32 and HDR 2 problems

    Hi DoubleU, thank you for the information. The service manual describes the connectors AV1 and AV2 as 2way AVL, that made me think it should work without any hassle but ... So now comes the question does anyone have a simple system modul for the BV 8-32 ? and how much is it? Just wanted to connect a B&O video recorder to a B&O TV
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Thu, Oct 24 2013
  • Re: Beovision 8-32 and HDR 2 problems

    Hi Stoobie, the BV 8-32 relies on the built in analog tuner, and doesn't have a built in digital tuner. The same applies to the Beovision 3-32. At the BV-8 there's also a STB connected which is controlled via one PUC and mapped to DTV. A timer programmed in the HDR 2 to record from DTV is also unsuccesful. No recording on the hard disk and no 'Record' sign at the front of the HDR. The timer entry is still in the timer index to be found but is in the past. The clock and date setting
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Wed, Oct 23 2013
  • Re: HDR 2 - Aufnahme und Wiedergabe

    Hallo Julefreund, der HDR2 ist ein rein analoger Festplattenrecorder, deshalb kann er auch nur anlogen Stereoton aufzeichnen, der eben maximal Dolby Surround Ton ermöglicht. Zum zweiten Punkt: Es ist eben nur ein DVB Empfänger im ganzen System vorhanden und der wird von der Aufnahme blockiert. Ein Ausweg wäre, eine kleine DVB-C oder -S Box an den HDR2 anschliessen und über dessen PUC per Infrarot steuern. Bei der Timerprogrammierunng dann DTV als Quelle auswählen und nicht
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, Oct 21 2013
  • Beovision 8-32 and HDR 2 problems

    Hi, i'm having problems to get a HDR 2 working properly with a Beovision 8-32. The HDR 2 is connected with a fully connected SCART cable to AV1 of the BV 8-32 and is registered in the connections menu (V-MEM, no IR, no HDMI). Pressing V-MEM on the BEO4 starts the recorder and i can view recordings being already on the harddisk. I can select the items in the menu of the HDR, even setting a timer is possible in the menu but after switching all in standby the HDR starts and records nothing. Further
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Mon, Oct 21 2013
  • Re: BeoLink für Dummies

    Hallo, der Beolink Konverter 1611 kann benutzt werden, um ein Line-Pegel Signal vom AUX Anschluss in ein Masterlinkkabel einzuspeisen, an dem nur ein, oder mhrere Beolab 2000 / Beolab 3500 dranhängen. Man benötigt kein weiteres Audiosystem. Aktiviert werden kann der Link Beolab dann mit der Taste 'TV' der BEO4. Dies schaltet den Beolab in dem Raum ein und der Beolink Konverter reicht das Signal von seinem AUX Anschluss dann durch.
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by RaMaBo on Thu, Nov 7 2013
  • Re: Connecting BeoVox CX100 to my beovision 3 32

    Hi, the CX100 are passive speakers as you already said. You need a MCL2P as an amplifier for a pair of passive speakers. the mcl2p will be connected to the dolby digital module of your BV3-32 via powerlink cables. As far as i remember the dolby digital module drives the correct pin also (PIN4 of MCL2P powerlink connector). If i'm wrong the cable from the dolby digital modules powerlink connector has to be modified so that PIN 1 goes to PIN 4 at the other side of the cable. I can tell you more
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Fri, Sep 20 2013
  • Re: BeoVision 3 32 service mode picture adjustments with Beo4 : factory default?

    Hi, i'm sorry but there are no factory defaults. Every value i can read at my BV 3-32 are quite uinique to the set. They depend on the tube (well not color, but geometry) and the controlling and driving electronics. You can only try it with the values of another set. to get yours setup correctly after fiddling with the values. I'm not at home now but i can give you the values of my set as a starting point later..
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RaMaBo on Wed, Sep 18 2013
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