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  • Beosound 5 / Beomaster 5: When will we get a REALY good Control Software (App) from B&O?

    Hi, sometimes in the old forum there was an iPad application mentioned that will be released from Bang & Olufsen for the Beosound 5 / Beomaster 5 combi. Any news about that? I want a simple comfortable remote application that's showing what's playing and let me control the system, search for music etc.
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by TWG on Fri, Apr 27 2012
  • Beomaster 5: DLNA, UPnP, NAS compatible?

    Hi, as there are many Systems out there I want to know if the Beomaster 5 is DLNA and/or UPnP compatible? I want to access the Beomaster 5 via other UPnP or DLNA clients. Does the Beomaster 5 has the ability to act like a NAS to offer access for other systems? Hopefully somebody knows it :-)
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by TWG on Tue, Apr 3 2012
  • Re: Beoworld app

    would it be possible to integrate Beoworld Forum with the Tapatalk application? As far as I know the forum admins must install some software from Tapatalk but it would be great as the software allows very comfortable forum browsing, answering etc. on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices (don't know if there's a tapatalk version for windows phone).
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWG on Sat, May 12 2012
  • Re: B&O. Quality going down hill :(. Now on 4th V1

    The old B&O items where shipped in styrofoam and soft form, too and they where not damaged everytime you received them :) So, I personally think that the quality goes down, too: I have Beolabs 3500 "Made in Denmark" and "Made in Czech". The younger "Made in Czech" one did "stink" out of the box like some chemicals... the "Made in Denmark" ones where perfect without smelling dangerous. ;-) Lower quality due to cost saving and outsourcing because
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWG on Tue, Jun 12 2012
  • Re: B&O. Quality going down hill :(. Now on 4th V1

    [quote user="moxxey"] If anything, the "low quality" debate isn't about greed (as I said, the V1 is made in the traditional B&O factory, in Denmark), it's more to do with B&O cutting back on staff numbers - didn't I read that a third of the staff had been cut in 2008/2009? This is bound to affect production quality and there's no surprise we had lots of software issues around the same time. QA and post-production checks are often areas which are cut back
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWG on Wed, Jun 13 2012
  • Re: New B&O headphones range?

    BEATS is just good marketing. Horrible sound and most of the people seem to equal bass with good sound. Beats headphones produce only too much bass and sound awful. Hopefully B&O does NOT adapt that style of sound. B&O has attractive small, good (regarding their size) sounding earphones: The A8 Headphones or the (iphone) Headset i3. What's the difference between B&O and Beats? Beats has much better marketing.. B&O could have much better sales when they decide to do good marketing
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWG on Wed, Jun 20 2012
  • Re: New B&O headphones range?

    [quote user="Paul W"] Interesting one TWG. Really depends on your music taste, I owned a pair of A8s for a good 3 years and while they would suit a listener of classical or jazz music, I found for my taste in music which is RnB and Dance, they were lacking far too much in the bass area. They were clear certainly but for me, just didn't do it. I guess they were aimed at the older, traditional BANG&OLUFSEN customer. They were elegant certainly. The BEATS certainly have a lot of bass
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWG on Wed, Jun 20 2012
  • Re: Beovision 32 Avant soll aus dem SYSTEM raus und ersetzt werden durch...

    Die Steuerung via Beo 4 wäre über das Zauberkästchen von Lintronic ( kein Problem. Alternativ wäre eine Beo 5 oder Beo 6 mit entsprechender Programmierung natürlich komfortabler und wenn der Fernseher lediglich das Audiosignal liefern soll, braucht man entweder keinen oder nur einen einfachen AV-Receiver wenn's denn Surround-Sound sein soll. Die Masterlinkverbindung des TV bleibt aussen vor.
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by TWG on Thu, Jun 28 2012
  • Re: Running Windows on Macbook Pro

    you don't need Paralles or VMWare. You can use Apples Bootcamp to install a full Windows on your Mac. You just boot into your operating system of choice. by the way: After a few years with Macs I can tell you that Macs are NOT the best computers and they crash like PCs, too, if you're working with them = doing more than listening to compressed MP3s on iTunes or surf the web. ;-)
    Posted to Beo-Mac (Forum) by TWG on Fri, Jun 29 2012

    Woooooooooooooooooooow!!!!! I can't believe it! I've just found the beoworld email in my Spam folder and couldn't believe my eyes after reading this thread!!!!! Wow, thank you soo much! I can believe it after receiving it ;-) Greetings from Germany Thomas
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWG on Wed, Jul 4 2012
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