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  • Re: Beolink 7000 - updated

    Updated description in the original post above I aknowledge it was not a very good idea to offer it for sale before replacing the batteries: this is now done with a new NiMh set sourced from Vapextech. Operations are now really flawless and cosmetics remain as attractive as ever. A very pleasing unit that would now deserve GBP 265 or EUR 320. Thanks, js
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by js on Thu, Apr 19 2012
  • Re: B&O 9500 standby

    [quote user="Dillen"] I always switch off on the wall at night and when I'm not home. [/quote] Hi Martin, If I am not mistaken systems like Beocenter 9500 or Beomaster 4500 include a battery for the purpose of keeping the settings (sound settings and radio presets) when powered-off. If you always switch off on the wall, at some point this battery will be completely empty. What will happen in terms of system operations when the battery will be empty (assuming one does not have the technical
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by js on Fri, Jun 1 2012
  • Beovox Cona white - SOLD

    Selling my white Beovox Cona subwoofer: - working order: works perfectly and delivers solid bass. - cosmetics: very good condition, although not absolutely perfect. The lateral surface is in excellent condition, but the top surface has a couple of superficial marks. And that is exactly what they are: superficial, unnoticeable from a normal viewing distance and my camera was unable to capture them. All that will catch the eye are the delicate nuances of light/shadow playing on the soft white paint
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by js on Tue, Apr 10 2012
  • Beolink 7000 - SOLD

    Selling my Beolink 7000 RDS type 1631, which I have onwed since new: - cosmetics: the alu plate, the glass plate and the body are all really beautiful, except one tiny dent at the bottom edge of the alu plate, which only a close inspection will reveal. - working order: motor, red status LEDs, dynamic touchscreen with blue backlight, red touch screen, IR transmitters/receivers and table top charger are all working very well. I have now replaced the batteries with a new NiMh set sourced from Vapextech
    Posted to BeoWorld Private Sales (Forum) by js on Tue, Apr 10 2012
  • BS5 / Encore: navigation by genre?

    The manuals of the BS5 and the Encore do not refer to browsing by genre (only by album, artist or cover). So is there any way to navigate this way: Genre > Artist > Album Track? I guess not, but I thought I would ask just to be sure. Sorry if this was discussed before. Thanks, js
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by js on Mon, Nov 19 2012
  • Re: Lab 9's

    [quote user="symmes"] consider downloading the Technical Sound Guide and going through all the options [/quote] Sorry if it is a dumb question... What is the Technical Sound Guide and where can you download it? I could not immediately find it on the B&O website. Thanks, js
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by js on Thu, Feb 14 2013
  • Re: What's the BEST product in the B&O line-up

    BeoLab 3, 9 and 5 ALT speakers: this is where B&O still makes a true difference in my opinion. I would just like to see BeoLab 3 and 5 with a further development of two existing BeoLab 5 features: integrated USB DAC and remote-controlled volume. That would make a fantastic product for the booming computer audio segment: just connect to a computer filled with lossless files (forget BeoSound 5) and here you go with a minimalist, user-friendly and fantastic sounding system! And Beo4 (although I
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by js on Tue, Jan 22 2013
  • Re: What's the WORST product in the B&O line-up

    BeoSound 5. Every 6 months or so I try to convince myself to buy one, but every time I decline to do so and I think this product is such a missed opportunity. This makes me believe that B&O has abandoned serious sound systems. So now I am using computer audio as a source for my vintage Beomaster + current Beolab ALT systems. Very nice. And I do not associate BeoPlay with B&O, but maybe I am getting old.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by js on Tue, Jan 22 2013
  • Audio Terminal with Beomaster 7000

    I have the opportunity to acquire an Audio Terminal (the direct predecessor of the Beolink 1000). Instead of the Beolink 1000's "Picture" and "Sound" buttons, the Audio Terminal has dedicated "Bass", "Treble" and "Balance" buttons. I like the idea of having direct access to the Balance setting with a dedicated button for operation in a Link room. But the Audio Terminal was designed to work with e.g. Beomaster 5500. Therefore I am not sure that
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by js on Mon, Jan 21 2013
  • BM3000 preset cover

    I see that many Beomaster 3000(-2) for sale miss the preset cover. And I see that some people are looking for a preset cover for their Beomaster. Therefore I am wondering whether the following woudl make sense. I own an early Beomaster 3000, which is in excellent cosmetic condition including the original preset cover, and which was recently serviced by a renowned Beoworlder. As I am not using it much anymore, I am envisaging to offer it for sale. Would it make sense to offer the Beomaster and the
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by js on Wed, Apr 10 2013
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