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  • Re: B&O Play TV coming this quarter

    « Philips new range are coming out in september and the mid tier and higher end all sport 5 hdmis too aswell as looking incredibly sleek, i also think that when apple release there tv it will be a rap for the beoplay v1. The fan base is strong for apple and i think that the design will be well ahead of the v1... the price ratio will be a big factor two as the v1 will be considerably more than the apple tv, i think people will think why buy the v1 when the apple tv will be cheaper and probably
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph on Wed, May 2 2012
  • Re: Can B&O survive? Maybe soon?

    I think in 2005, the new BeoVision 7-32 could have been th e successor of the Avant: 32" screen, superb materials, amazing loudspeaker, surround connections, motorised stand... But the picture quality with bad source was poor. Maybe the 7-40 MKVI could be the real successor...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph on Mon, Apr 30 2012
  • Re: Votre avis sur le BeoLit 12

    Moi, j'aime bien. Super son, design original que l'on ne retrouve pas ailleurs, matériaux sympa. Je l'ai testé et écouté en magasin avec iPad et iPhone. Excellent pour emmener en vacances. Comme quoi, les goûts et les couleurs...
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by Steph on Fri, Apr 6 2012
  • Re: My new disc-less B&O home setup

    Thanks Ehlerz ! I'm searching for a good mediaplayer too ! I have a BeoSound 5, so the BeoMaster 5 with the good codecs couls do the job ? Or, a Tvix multimedia player, i know B&O used this to demo movies for the BV10, and it is in the PUC list.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph on Tue, May 8 2012
  • Re: BeoplayV1 et Beolab : tout simplement...

    Tu gagnes en intégration avec ce couple B&O et Apple. Avec le V1, c'est la bonne voie. Le BS5 s'intègre avec des produits Masterlink, donc, ... C'est une autre philosophie, ces nouveaux produits. Moins d'interaction physique, plus basé sur le concept logiciel. Pourquoi pas ! C'est dans l'ère du temps, et ça marche ! Le BS5 est très loin de faire l'unanimité sur le forum. Beaucoup lui reproche son manque de fonction,
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by Steph on Sat, May 19 2012
  • Re: Nouveau site B&O, nouveau look

    Apparemment, le site n'est pas encore finalisé. De nombreux liens manquent ou sont inactifs. On peut penser que les produits manquants n'ont pas encore été ajoutés. Mais qui sait... Dommage, il me fallait un téléphone et un BeoTime...
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by Steph on Sat, Jun 2 2012
  • Re: White BeoLab 12

    I hope your dealer is right ! The problem is that the design must be change. Because the woofers are currently placed in the rear section, to get an acoustic benefit. With a floorstanding design, the woofers would be in front, like all the other BeoLab. We'll see...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph on Mon, Jun 4 2012
  • Personalized BeoLab5

    I saw last night Lenny Kravitz live for the Black and White America Tour in France (fantastic performance !). I Remember this picture a member posted on the old forum : The personalized Lenny Kravitz BeoLab 5 he had in his previous loft in New York. Very Kravitz-esque ! But i like it ! Anyone is interested to customise his BeoLab 5 ? It could be cool in a dedicated audio room...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph on Thu, Jun 7 2012
  • Re: PUC source STB pour la Livebox

    OK, merci pour ta recherche. Bizarre, cette histoire de fichiers non lus. Rien n'est indiqué dans le manuel sur les formats vidéo pris en charge ? Normalement, le .avi (divx) est lu par la plupart des mediaplayers... Pour les formats de type xvid, peut-être faut-il télécharger des codecs...
    Posted to BeoWorld Français (Forum) by Steph on Mon, Jun 18 2012
  • Re: Beolab 12 Project

    « Love the fact a classic product like the 9300 works in well with the new BLs » Yes, that's the force of Bang & Olufsen ! Even a very modern speaker with new connections and new acoustic model can works with an 80's product. Congratulations !
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph on Fri, Jun 22 2012
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