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  • Re: Beocenter 2 DVD issue

    Thanks for that - it actually suddenly started working again - no idea what that was about - was using it using the control panel rather than the Beo4 - would start and then just switch off - I suspect a failing component but as working again will keep my fingers crossed!
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Thu, Apr 15 2021
  • Re: Is it true that unlike any other CD player in the free world that the CD goes in shiny side UP?.

    Built on what was probably an Aiwa chassis. Much noisier in use than the later 5500.
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by Peter on Tue, Apr 13 2021
  • Beocenter 2 DVD issue

    Daughter just reported that the BC2 won't play DVDs - had a look and it will load and actually gets to the front screen and then the BC2 goes into stand by - no issues playing audio sources, either radio or CD. Any ideas?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Tue, Apr 13 2021
  • Re: White Beogram ... which one to buy?

    Are you using it with a B&O system? These decks are remote control but only when attached to the relevant Beomaster. The point above is important - the 6500 and 7000 will produce a line level signal which can be sent to almost any device. the 5500 will require an external RIAA amplifier. The Beogram 4000 and 8000 series also came in white and the 4000 is particularly beautiful.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Peter on Sun, Mar 28 2021
  • Re: Stylus on a a Beogram 2402

    The most basic of the MMCX000 range. Pretty similar to the MMC20S - spherical stylus. Will work but the 20EN is considerably better. Of course you could have it retipped as the internals of the cartridges are all similar. I have a 20S retipped with a Shibata tip and it is one of my best sounding cartrisges - I needed a good black cartridge for the 4001!
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Wed, Feb 24 2021
  • Re: Beovox 6210 - repair/restore

    I doubt you will find a new old stock but it could be repairable - I have used a firm called Wilmslow audio in the past to repair some not quite so old woofers and they seem very good. In the UK though but I am sure there will be something similar where you are.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Wed, Feb 24 2021
  • Re: Does Beogram 6500 work as a stand-alone player?

    It will not be remote control but will otherwise be fine. it has a built in RIAA so will plug inton a line level input and make sure you have a ground witre or you may get a hum if using phono plugs.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Sat, Feb 20 2021
  • Re: beomaster 7000 speaker 1 or 2 selection

    The mute button will mute only speaker 1. However what you clearly need is an X-Tra speaker kit which is a box that attaches via MCL cable to the speaker 2 outputs (you will notice there are 3 pins in each socket) and this will allow remote control of the system in a link room. This is the box - seems an expensive example though!
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Sat, Feb 20 2021
  • Re: New owner/member Beosystem 5500

    I have had a 5500 system for years - sits under my iMac and acts as sound system with this! 1. I am sure the cartridge will fix that - and the SMMC4 is a fine cartridge. 2. The CD50 is a tricky beast - they all seem slightly different - I have a non operative one at present too! I have had it fixed once but then got the CD5500 which is much better and far quieter mechanically. The CD50 is fixable but I had Tim Jarman fix mine. 3. I suggest the deck with need a good clean and probably new belts. The
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Peter on Mon, Feb 8 2021
  • Re: Beogram 4000c - Recreated Limited Edition

    I have to confess that I think there is too much negativity here! The 4000c is a very limited run of remanufactured record players and will no doubt sound as good as any of its forebears. It keeps the looks of the 400x decks but has been made with more modern components. I agree with Martin that it is not a 4000, and personally I prefer the looks of the 4000, but they are within their rights to call it what they like - let's face it, there were 4 completely different Beogram 3000 models and we
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Peter on Sun, Jan 24 2021
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