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  • Beocenter 9500 tape player issue

    I've just purchased a well-taken-care-of BC 9500. Unfortunately, the tape deck function didn't survive the trip across the Rocky Mountains. The diminutive package deliverer struggled with the large 'FRAGILE" package and left it at our door with the a loud thump. *sigh* The door to the tape function opens and accepts the cassette tape. When "Tape 1" is then pressed, (or "A. Tape" on the remote) you can hear a mechanism engage. However, the capstans don't spin
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Fri, Jul 27 2018
  • Re: Samsung 2019 TV's support AirPlay 2 and iTunes...

    [quote user="mbee"] Sandyb: Interesting - it does raise the question of whether all TV audio (on say the new LG) will be distributable via AP2. My understanding is that it's a one-way possibility : you can stream to your TV from any of your Apple products, but nobody never said that it would allow to distribute TV (sound or image) to the Airplay protocol [/quote] We need to understand the meaning of this provocatively ambiguous statement: “You can even play music on the TV and sync
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Wed, Jan 9 2019
  • Re: Integrating Beocenter 2300 into modern set up options

    [quote user="Solidsnake"] BeoFrederic - did you have any issues with the Airport Express and your system? [/quote] No issues. The AP2 works well and easily across your iOS devices (and Mac, if you have one). You’ll need to turn up the volume of your device, as Steve pointed out. Fortunately, that’s a ‘once-only.’ The device remembers different volume settings for each Airplay target. [quote user="Solidsnake"] If you AirPlay music to it, does it wake the system from standby or
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Fri, Dec 28 2018
  • Re: Integrating Beocenter 2300 into modern set up options

    SS: you mentioned Airplay 2 in your post. I've readily connected an Airport Express (gen 2) to the AUX-in of a BC 4000/ Ouverture. There is a (final?) software update from Apple that will provide AP2 to the AEx (gen 2). Use Apple's Airport Utility for the upgrade. Steve (above) can hook you up with the proper cable to make the physical connection a snap.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Wed, Dec 26 2018
  • Re: Rigidity of the Beosound 9500 cabinet?

    You are correct of course - I mean the BC 9500. I’ve corrected the original post for clarity. Thanks for the reply, and the link to the previous discussion on the topic. Sounds like I should be in the clear. When canted up, the unit shouldn’t be more than 20 or 25 degrees from horizontal.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Thu, Dec 20 2018
  • Rigidity of the BeoCenter 9500 cabinet?

    I hope that this is the right forum for this question. I’m in love with my recently acquired BeoCenter 9500. I have it situated on a low bookcase shelf. My listening chair, however also sits low. As it stands (well, sits), I can’t quite make out the volume level, which source is chosen, etc. I’d like to prop up the rear of the BC 9500 by about 1 inch - 1.5 inches, thereby increasing the visibility of the illuminated interface. A salutary side-effect of this will be to increase air
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Wed, Dec 19 2018
  • Re: Beosound Edge - Reactions?

    [quote user="AdamS"] You make a very valid point, and the fact that we seem to be going back to mono has bothered me for a while about many new wireless speakers in general. [/quote] +1. Actually, +10. I feel pretty strongly about this. A dying breed, I guess.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Wed, Dec 12 2018
  • Re: Repair? or Replace?

    Thank you all for your thoughts. To update: just yesterday I pulled the trigger on a BC 9500 offered on eBay. I take delivery late next week. Wish me luck. As for the BS 4000, I'm undecided. The top of one of the glass doors has separated from the open/close railing. The small plastic part that attaches to the glass and glides over the railing snapped into pieces during a cleaning. I don't think I have skills (and I know I don't have the part) to fix it myself. I may end up selling it
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Sat, Jul 21 2018
  • Re: Beosound Shape

    I've read this thread and still have a 'newbie' question about the Shape: does it provide a stereo image? As I get older I hear the high-end of the spectrum less , so I appreciate even more other qualities in my music, e.g., accurate, stable stereo imaging. If I'm listening to the Shape, can I hear the orchestral instrument placement? Can I hear the placement of the jazz quartet? If I'm listening to electronic music, can I hear the spacial effects (sounds pan
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Thu, May 10 2018
  • Re: The one and only 🍻 thread

    [quote user="Duels"] Excellent. Thirteen years is a long time for beer. I assume this is pretty strong stuff! [/quote] It’s bottled at 6.5% abv, so not that strong. The yeast keep chugging over the years, however, and the alcohol become more prominent. Like a barley wine after a while. As for strong favor, I prefer a smoked porter to, say, a rauchbier. Also, the smokiness oscillates over the years: first really strong, then less so, then more so again, etc. It’s not subtle.
    Posted to BeoWorld People & Lifestyle (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Sun, Feb 18 2018
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