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  • Recommendation for ANC headphones?

    I really like.the sound of my H7’s: balanced, a musical bass, ‘open’ or ‘airy’ if that isn’t too subjective. I can listen for hours without fatigue. I might be traveling soon - long air flights. Looking for headset with similar sound signature as the H7, but with active noise cancellation. Thoughts? H9i? H8i? Or non-B&O?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Thu, Nov 22 2018
  • Re: AirPlay 2

    Thanks for free retro-upgrade, Apple. I now have an AEx receiving AirPlay 2 protocol, feeding a BC 9500 - thanks to an elegant cable solution from Steve @ Sounds Heavenly. In this case, it's providing multi-room solution to gear that's not even wireless-aware. It's inexpensive enough that I might acquire another AEx and attach it to another system that B&O isn't going to make AirPlay 2 compatible - e.g. Beoplay A8.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Sun, Sep 16 2018
  • BC 9500 - PL output is silent

    I've just received a BC 9500 back from repair shop (the tape deck needed belts, and the glass needed adhering.) Both repairs are functional, thanks in part to suggestions from some kind folks on this forum. It's very needed, because the repair guys have very little B&O experience. My new problem: I've plugged my two BL 4000 into the back of the unit, but neither speaker will light up regardless of source: CD, radio, tape. Unfortunately, the BLs * were * working with the BC 9500 before
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Sat, Sep 15 2018
  • Re: Single-point versus mono?

    Thank you both for informative replies - I've just learned a bit about B&O speaker (systems) that I don't own. By Tuomas' definition, then, the Beoplay A8 that I do own (hanging on my wall) is a single point system (it's one unit, like the 35), but definitely is stereo. Granted the sound stage is quite small, given the physical proximity of the drivers. The two S3 that I own are also single point, though now configured as discrete mono speakers in a stereo system. (Phew - this
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Fri, Aug 31 2018
  • Single-point versus mono?

    The release of the Edge reminded me to ask this group: what is the difference between a 'single-point’ speaker and a mono speaker? As I understand it, they are both the same: they reproduce one-and-only-one audio channel. The original audio source could be mono, or it could be stereo (discrete left & right channels) mixed down to a single, now mono-channel. Or, I suppose, any number of other channels (e.g. 5.1) again mixed down to a single channel. Is this correct? Also as I understand
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Fri, Aug 31 2018
  • Re: Beocenter 9500 - glass panel questions

    Thank you both for your instructive -- and rapid -- responses. [quote user="sonavor"]The thin, plastic frame is made up of four pieces.[/quote] Yes, right. My memory of the unit is thin -- I only had my hands on it for a day before taking it in for repair. It is four pieces. The left side rail is attached to unit -- now I understand that it's screwed in from the bottom, as you say next. [quote user="sonavor"] If I remember correctly there is a special screw that attaches the
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Wed, Aug 15 2018
  • Beocenter 9500 - glass panel questions

    My recently purchased Beocenter 9500 is in the repair shop, waiting diagnosis of tape drive issue. There is a separate issue, however, where I could really use the advice from the experts on this forum. The lower, touch-sensitive, glass panel — called the Operation Panel in the user manual — sits loosely atop the Beocenter unit. If I turned the unit upside down the panel would will fall out. I’ve pulled the panel off and found a small assembly of millimeter-thin railings that form
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Wed, Aug 15 2018
  • Re: How much investment is wasted on front left, right channels as center does a lot of work?

    I’ve stabilized my home theater system with BL 8000 up front, BL 6000 as surround, a MLogan sub, driven through a Yamaha AVR. I lived with 4.1 for several years, letting the AVR create a phantom center channel. Recently put a single BL 4000 as a real center channel, and glad that I did. Dialog is much sharper, and 5.1 channel music is transformed (e.g. Steven Wilson remixes of prog rock bands.). The BL 4000 seemed the natural choice, as its likely to closely match the 8000s in the mid-and upper
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Sat, Aug 11 2018
  • Re: Beocenter 9500 tape player issue

    A second question, less significant than the tape issue in the original post. Is there way to set a default volume level for the unit? When it turns on from standby and plays a source, it's much louder than I'd prefer. I have a Beo4 remote, if that's helpful.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Fri, Jul 27 2018
  • Re: 2 pairs of Beolab 8000 speakers with Core

    As Steve said above...I have a pair of 6000s as rear channel speakers in 5.1 configuration, with 8000s as front speakers. I'm happy with it. That said, let me put in a plug for the 4000s, which I think elephant may have skipped in his list. The Beolab 4000 punches above its weight, both in terms of sound and value on the used market. If your use case requires a smaller, inexpensive speaker to sonically match your 8000s, you should look at the 4000s as well as the 6000s.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoFrederic on Fri, Jul 27 2018
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