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  • Re: What is going on with B&O’s current TV lineup?

    [quote user="Millemissen"] Now where do you see the (big) difference/s in the C7 and the C8 panel of the LG part - and a real need for an exchange? [/quote] Not to pick on you, but the thing is LG like most mass consumer TVs, only produces a model for a year or less then it's gone. B&O (I would hope) has a warehouse full of C7 sets for replacements and sales. Once that inventory is gone I hope they have a plan to account for that because LG is not going to make another batch of
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Fri, Apr 5 2019
  • Re: Dect phones unsafe for you? Affecting your health

    Oh man, this sounds similar to the fear years back about mobile phones' risky use at gas stations. I little knowledge of RF and the concern is clearly overblown - there far worse things. ISM band "wifi" runs at 2400-2475MHz, ignoring 5.0g band. Now the power level maximum is a puny 100mW - that's 1/10th of a watt. But that's the AP, a device like a mobile phone at best can push -60dBm or 0.000001mW! That's best case, realistic use is far below that, a mosquito has orders
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Mon, Mar 25 2019
  • Re: Beosystem 4 and LG OLED65 display

    I don't have the most recent LG OLED but the IR codes I would imagine have not changed. Yes their official remotes use a proprietary bluetooth remote, they still have IR receiver. Even an old LG IR remote does work with my 2016 LG set, try one of the IR codes. Personally I use Logitech Harmony which supports basically everything and has very handy programmable macros for sequencing.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Fri, Mar 15 2019
  • Re: BeoLab 6000 and Yamaha WXC-50 - any advice or alternatives?

    As noted above, the WXC-50 can be set to pre-out (volume controlled). Also it has a handy 12v trigger output, with the correct adapter cable, you can have triggered "powerlink" to your BL6000s.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Mon, Feb 18 2019
  • Re: Need recommendation: Non-B&O TV connect to Moment/BL18/19?

    [quote user="mbolo01"] The Moment is not good for what you want to achieve... [/quote] Have to agree, for a time I was considering buying a Moment (back when they were still current but buggy) and the integration with non-B&O is not at all ideal - did not more forward with that. They stupidly didn't include an optical-in which the vast majority of television sets output. Very few have headphones or analogue outs anymore, those that do have sync problems. Also not all television
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Wed, Feb 6 2019
  • Re: Beolab 2 resonance

    As suggested, is it the BL2 or your room, I'm going to immediately assume it is the room. I had a BL2 and because of its strong sub output (I would hope so) I recall the room responded at something like 80 and 40hz. Even today with BL9 there's no getting around acoustics. Regardless of make, the physical placement of subs makes a world of difference. Other than physical changes there's no way to really 'filter' that out. You can certainly try but that only sort of reduces the
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Thu, Nov 15 2018
  • Re: Beolab 90 and MQA

    Isn't MQA just a weird upsampling lossy codec? So then it doesn't matter so long as the streamer and BL90 support the digital bit rate and depth, for example 44/16 or 96/24. No different to low bit rate 128k MP3 playing back at 96k - no benefit because you can't 'add' lost information but it works. s/pdif & AES/EBU are standards so long as both ends understand same rates. If connecting digital to digital, then the BL90 DAC does the work and does not care about codec, that's
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Tue, Nov 6 2018
  • Re: moving to Europe from USA, converting Beolabs?

    [quote user="macjonny1"] Thanks for the note it sounds like shipping and any mods/transformers wouldn't be worth the trouble. [/quote] If I were you, I'd sell them and just buy them locally when you're there. B&O in North America are rare and exotic, in EU (esp for those models) are commonly found second-hand.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Wed, Oct 17 2018
  • Re: Wireless 1

    [quote user="elephant"]and so I have 3x2.4GHz on channels 10, 8, and 4. One neighbour is using 8 and the others don't overlap. [/quote] You are causing overlap for yourself and your neighbour(s). Only 1,6,11 don't overlap at all, those 'in between' channels should have never been an option at 2.4 as example "channel 2" strongly interferes with channel 1 and "channel 5" strongly interferes with 6 and slightly 1. Be a good neighbour and only use 1,6,11
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Mon, Oct 15 2018
  • Re: S8 connection hub and LG oled

    [quote user="trackbeo"]OT, David, but I actually wondered (and never had the time to test): Is Emil *technically* correct, i.e. is the remote issuing *only* RF commands like always, and no IR mode exists in the remote [/quote] I already checked that by the iPhone camera (can see IR somewhat) and yes the remote itself has the IR blaster, lower front section. Actually even with the TV off, the remote still sends some sort commands to button pushes, but they're not the same as when the
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by davidr on Sat, Oct 13 2018
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