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  • Re: My broken Beogram 9000 cam

    Hooray! The part from Beobuddy came in today! I didn't plan on working on the Beogram today, but I was too excited, and hopped right into the project. I started by taking tons of pictures of things before I began a tear-down. I removed the plate from the tonearm, and attached the good part. Routing the wires took two tries, but the second time I got things the correct way. Once that was all taken care of, the difficult task of re-stringing the tonearm began. Wow that took me a lot longer than
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Beitie on Thu, Jun 27 2019
  • Beogram 3000 (type 5228) tone arm won't drop

    I recently had the same issue with my Beogram 9000. I had to readjust the board the solenoid is on. That board has three micro switches on it, and they are probably a little out of adjustment causing the solenoid to not function properly. Hope this helps. *Edit* Oops. Never mind, now I see the type 5228.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Beitie on Mon, Jun 24 2019
  • Re: Show us your B&O wallpapers

    I'd love to have a link to the high resolution of your wallpaper. As for me, I'm currently using one that I just took with my phone. I zoom in a little and it works out pretty well for a wallpaper.
    Posted to BeoWorld People & Lifestyle (Forum) by Beitie on Wed, Jun 19 2019
  • Re: My broken Beogram 9000 cam

    That works for me. Membership upgraded.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Beitie on Wed, Jun 19 2019
  • My broken Beogram 9000 cam

    So a few weeks ago I went to put an album on my Beogram 9000. When I started the Beogram, the platter started to turn as normal, but the tonearm didn't move into place. After a little investigation, I found that the cam on the tonearm has broken! If anyone has a spare laying around, I'd sure appreciate the help. Or if anyone has an idea on how to fix this one, I'd work on that as well.
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Beitie on Tue, Jun 18 2019
  • Re: Limited Edition: H9i Rimowa edition with aluminium case

    Lee, from what I saw on the B&O website, one ear cup has the traditional B&O logo while the other has some other logo. I presume the other logo is Rimowa? Here's a link . Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the other logo.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Beitie on Thu, Mar 28 2019
  • Re: Beosonic in Bentley

    There have been times where I just needed to put some Enya on to calm down after a rough day at work.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Beitie on Sat, Jun 30 2018
  • Re: Some days I hate eBay!

    Oh, if you were curious about the pictures that they sent back to me of the issue... Here it is:
    Posted to eBay - the right way! (Forum) by Beitie on Thu, Mar 1 2018
  • Some days I hate eBay!

    So I recently tried to sell my Beogram 5005 on eBay. I had it listed with a buy it now price, and (stupidly) I allowed offers to be made also. This person comes along, and sends me multiple low ball offers like $100 below my asking price. In their offer, it constantly says how they can't afford the Beogram and then have to go buy a cartridge for it as well. Lucky for me, I had it set so that extreme low ball offers like that would just automatically decline, but they kept going till that auto
    Posted to eBay - the right way! (Forum) by Beitie on Thu, Mar 1 2018
  • Re: Help!,No sound from my RX2 (5831)

    The RX2 uses a MM type coil, so you should stick with that setting on your pre amp. However, it sounds to me like you are listening to the wrong input on your receiver. Tell us more about your current system. Also these B&O turntables have what's called a mute relay. It comes in handy in my opinion because it mutes the output of the stylus when in standby mode so you can clean it between record flips without hearing that horrible scratching sound through your system. It is possible that the
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Beitie on Fri, Sep 22 2017
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