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  • Re: Beosound 1 Multiroom setup

    there's a possibility to stream airplay in more than one room: connect an airport express through the line-in of one of your b&o products. works pretty well with my blc-converter (thanks again, millemissen, for the advice) edit: just seen. i hope you have more than the two BS1´s
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Thu, Nov 10 2016
  • Re: Flash your B&O - new thread!

    [quote user="Razlaw"] Thanks for the picture. What is the black piece between the speaker and the wall? Are they mounted with the standard B and O bracket? Looks like more room behind the speaker than I have. [/quote] that are spacer rings (german: Distanzhülsen) between the wall and the original B&O brackets. I hope it´s allowed to post the amazon-link, if not I apologize in advance:
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Sun, Oct 23 2016
  • Re: Flash your B&O - new thread!

    au contraire, paolo! at the same place the BeoLab´s 4000 were attached close to the wall for nine years and they are now in the bedroom at the wall also with distance-pieces and it seems as they need the air to breathe. they sound so much better now, at least in my opinion. and the 12´s seems to kind of floating when the led-stripe is on in the evening
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Sun, Oct 23 2016
  • Re: Apple Music

    [quote user="Millemissen"] If it comes to using a workaround, (instead of airplaying to the ATV of the tv), I'd rather connect an AirPortExpress alternatively a Playmaker to the line-in of the Essence. Anything connected to the line-in can be distributed on the NL. MM [/quote] millemissen, my hero!!! yesterday i replaced the overwhelming beolit 15 with an A6 (mainly for Multiroom-reasons), was wondering the whole evening how to get AirPlay connected within BeoMusic and then i've
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Sat, Oct 22 2016
  • Re: What are you WATCHING "right now' ?

    okay, yesterday we was watching "Sicario". A really hard thriller about the private/official war on drugs at the us-mexican frontier with Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro and others. Good story, beautiful,pictures and a highly recommandable 5.1 sound. shortly, we were absolutely addicted to "Burn Notice", a series about a former CIA agent, located in Miami. kind of cool, lol
    Posted to Music & Film (Forum) by egges on Fri, Oct 14 2016
  • Re: Essence Remote Pairing Help

    well, i just installed the eye! seems to work well with the nice effect to have a second remote on the wall, lol. haven't checked it with the remotes 1 and 4 so far. and, Sal, as I mentioned above: I got the eye for free as a workaround to solve my problems with the bluetooth connection. thanks again
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Wed, Oct 12 2016
  • Re: Installing the Essence (mk 2) IR eye (SOLVED)

    hello razlaw, have you tried to change the ir-mode from the wheelie? here's the link to the german faq's from b&o: i just finished installing the ir-eye and the wheelie works well (gotta confess not to have checked any of my remotes)
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Wed, Oct 12 2016
  • Re: Beolit 15 not working properly

    hi michael! can you please tell me how to reset the beolit? my friendly dealers here and the support couldn't help me how to manage my issue with the beolit (in bluetooth mode it starts mostly very loud, ignoring the last volume level) for that i would desperately like to try a factory reset thanks in advance
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Mon, Oct 10 2016
  • Re: Essence Remote Pairing Help

    they know in Struer about the issues (and are still working on it) and the first step is to reset the essence of course. if, in some cases (mine e.g.) that doesn't work they recommend to switch to the IR-mode, i.e. i'll get the IR-eye for free and i expect the parcel service to ring on saturday. i really was about 50 times on the chair to reset or to push the pairing button of the essence. so don't stop to complain at your dealer if necessary
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by egges on Fri, Oct 7 2016
  • Re: Essence Mk II und Fernbedienung

    jupp, Sal hat einen Tag nach mir das englische Äquivalent eröffnet, ich habe dort auch gepostet. Kurzum, der Fehler ist bekannt bei B&O und bei mir wäre es der jeweils dritte Neustart/Rücksetzung auf die Werkseinstellungen gewesen bei beiden Geräten; mal ganz zu schweigen von den vielen und vergeblichen Versuchen, die Teile zu pairen. Und der Router ist zwei Mauern/ fünf Meter weit weg. Da hat sich bei mir wohl ein Bit verklemmt, lol. Ich kann jedenfalls mit dem
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by egges on Thu, Oct 6 2016
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