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  • 5V DC USB charger for Beo5?

    I have three Beo5 remotes, a wall charger and two desk charger; unfortunately one of the chargers/docks don't have the wall socket. Well, I have plenty of USB charging plugs - also Mini-USB male charging plugs - but they are are 5V (mainly 2A) as they were designed for mobile phones, but the chargers for the Beo5 are 4.7V 400 mA. And I wouldn't want to fry anything so I have to ask; anyone knowing of 5V is good enough for the 2.4 V battery? On the fresh installed battery (non-original GP
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Sat, May 23 2020
  • Re: Beo Cats - special bread of B&O consumers

    Back in the old days cats were happy creatures; they could sit and lay on top on a nice, warm TV. Then came flatscreen into almost every home and the cat's were left hanging... Bang & Olufsen weren't cruel to the BeoCats - so they made BeoVision 8 - it may have a slight fault in it's design, but at least the BeoCat is happy now
    Posted to BeoWorld People & Lifestyle (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Sat, May 23 2020
    Filed under: BeoVision 8, BeoCat, BeoVision
  • Suggestion: "Add to collection"

    I don't know if this is a thing that many have, but I kind of like to have a good list or database of my ownership, and when I am checking out equipment, I often kinda miss an option to check "In collection" or "Owned" or something similar. I am not sure if this is possible to add to the database, but at least here is an idea tossed up
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Sat, May 16 2020
  • Re: BeoLab 3500 in multiple rooms - maybe multible sources?

    Thank you for the answer Stoobie, Sounds easier than I thought so I will have something to plan out now and prepare for: Thank you very much for the easy description and the diagram that will be helping out. About the Beo5 Configuration Tool, I am aware of the 32-bit Windows; I used to have a Windows PC for that purpose (it was a 64-bit computer but with 32-bit Windows XP on it) when setting up the Beo5 with custom images for the various chanals used by the old 8- and 16-bit computers and consols
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Thu, Apr 16 2020
  • BeoLab 3500 in multiple rooms - maybe multible sources?

    My current setup is based on a vintage BeoCenter AV5 in the living room, as I enjoy sitting and playing vintage computers and game consoles, and that the AV5 also gives me a good CD-player - with this a Pioneer DVD player and a Yamaha amplifier setup with some BeoVox S65 (or S75) and P35 (or P35) as speakers for the DVD. In the bedroom I have a BeoVision 8-26 for some relaxing PlayStation 4 gaming and watching YouTube in bed... Now I have got the idea of getting myself a BeoLab 3500 as they are quite
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Fri, Apr 3 2020
    Filed under: speakers, vintage, beolab 3500, BeoCenter AV5, Beo5, BeoVision 8-26
  • BeoCenter AV5 on Beo5?

    I like my silver coloured BeoCenter AV5, and finding a cheap, mint condition Beo5 I took the bite. Out of the box it worked fine with it (turn on, turn off, change channels, start the CD-player, start the (non-connected) radio - but couldn't find the menu for the stand (maybe I should read the user manual). However as I do not use neither my BeoCenter AV5, nor my BeoVision MX7000 for watching TV, I wanted to add custom logos for what I use it for; watching movies, and playing on vintage computers
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Thu, Apr 6 2017
    Filed under: Beo5, config tool, Configutaration tool 6.48, BeoCenter AV5, Configutaration tool
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