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  • Re: Beogram 8000 on the way...

    [View:] Already, before the turntable arrives I suspect that the suspension in the cartridge is worn. Judging by this photo from the seller, it's off to the left of centre. As I said, I haven't had any experience with these decks.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by etype76 on Thu, Aug 27 2015
  • Re: Beogram 8000 on the way...

    Good thread on the packing of the 8002, I didn't realise that the platter could be shipped under the dust cover, I told the seller to pack it under the unit (I think I'd read that on Beolover) but then he didn't have the original styrofoam packing. This seller does. I have a question about the dust cover and lid. Are both fixed to the unit by hinges? How prone are they to breakage? I've been lucky with the Thorens, both plastic hinges are still in tact. I've seen some posts mentioning
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by etype76 on Tue, Aug 25 2015
  • Re: Beogram 8000 on the way...

    Thanks, The Thorens/Rega is a nice setup, but I'd like to try a different beast. I'm knowledgeable in so far as I can follow instructions and put myself on a learning curve, but my parameters are pretty narrow. I did the tiniest amount of soldering on the Thorens but looking at the thread you mention on restoring the Beogram 8000, that's in a different class. I requested the seller pack and ship the turntable with the platter off and under the unit, but beyond that I don't hold out
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by etype76 on Tue, Aug 25 2015
  • Beogram 8000 on the way...

    Hello all, I'm new here and live in Japan, My current turntable is a Thorens TD160 with a Rega arm which I restored and it looks great to say it was a spontaneous Ebay purchase. Now I've made another such purchase, a Beogram 8000. I have read enough to realise that these machines need plenty of TLC after 30+ years. My first question is basically, What is the first order of business when the turntable arrives? I understand that it is working and in "excellent condition" with a MMC20CL
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by etype76 on Mon, Aug 24 2015
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