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  • Re: Beosound 9000 with Beolink NL/ML or Essence Mk2?

    1) Does the Beolink NL/ML convertor comes with Wifi or only wired ethernet connection? A: It uses wired connection 2) Does it support multiroom? A: Yes, it does support Multiroom 3) Can I control the Beosound 9000 via apps like BeoMusic thru Beolink NL/ML convertor . Or is there some other apps that I can use? What kind of control is there, like selecting CD, skipping track? I do not intent to get the B&O remote control. A: I think you can use the BeoMusic to control your Beosound 9000.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Wed, Feb 24 2016
  • Re: Connecting to BS5 from my PC

    You can see the username in network info Go to settings the look for network info. It is somewhere down. Then the password is the client password that you made. If you don't like transferring music files then you can install a software so that your BM5 will have airplay. For instruction for the Airplay using BM5, just search it here in the forums.
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by zerocool143 on Tue, May 31 2016
  • Bang & Olufsen Partners with Gulf Craft

    Luxury audio and AV manufacturer Bang & Olufsen recently announced its collaboration with Gulf Craft, Emirates based yacht and boat manufacturer at the Dubai International Boat Show. New launches by Gulf Craft include the Majesty 110, which elevates the yachting experience to a different class through timeless design and powerful engineering. Features of the new superyacht include ample interior space, abundant outdoor entertainment features, numerous amenities, as well as a state-of the art
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Sat, Jul 23 2016
  • Re: Can you use the Beoremote one with the a9 or the a6?

    As far as I know, play products uses only bluetooth which means it can't be controlled by the beoremote one. You can use essence remote to adjust volume and skip track. Maybe the upcoming new Beoremote one BT which has the capability of bluetooth.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Sun, Aug 7 2016
  • Re: My Tv is asking for a pin number

    [quote user="jenni"] My son was staying overnight and turned off the tv at the socket. When I went to use the TV today it asked for a pin number. We have never had to do that before. Tried the standard 0000 to no avail. Any suggestions? [/quote] May I know what is your TV ? If its Beovision 7, you need to put that 00000 in the Mastercode. You need to press and hold the rewind button( << ) and wait to show the master pincode input. Hope it helps. Cheers!
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • Re: new android app

    [quote user="tuttivini"] Will the B&O Playmaker ever be supported? (Asking because I have one, directly connect to my BL8000's and my tv. Would love to use a dedicated b&o with it) [/quote] Unfortunately, Playmaker will never be supported by the Beomusic App. Just like the Beosound Essence MKI
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Sat, Dec 3 2016
  • Re: Beoconnect

    [quote user="karlquist"] Hallo , Na het installeren van mac os Sierra op mijn imac krijg ik de melding van het beoconnect programma kan niet koppelen met b&o produkt ik kan nu mijn bs5 en beomaster 5 niet meer benaderen en geen cds meer inladen heeft er iemand een idee of suggestie ? grg antw grt Carl [/quote] Follow These Steps. Make a pincode for the Beomaster 5 Go to SETTINGS then NETWORK the CLIENT PASSWORD just create a simple pin and save it. Next Run the Beoconnect to you MAC
    Posted to BeoWorld Dutch (Forum) by zerocool143 on Wed, Nov 23 2016
  • Re: Beosound Essence Mk2

    [quote user="Rudi Pedersen"] Hi I have upgraded all my link rooms to Beosound Essence Mk2 Does anyone know how to set like bass, treble and mono/stereo ?? The Setup app has none section for this. I have asked the Support in Struer 3 times now, but gets no response at all (very bad support !) Best regards Rudi [/quote] The Latest update of the play products will enable the ability to adjust the treble and bass. Try to update your Essence and see if that will have also the same feature of
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Wed, Nov 23 2016
  • Re: Apple Music and Multiroom

    This will work since your are distributing a HDMI source from the TV. But there is a restriction for Airplay to be distributed in multiroom setup. Better use the same account to your ATV that has the Apple Music subscription in order to share the sound in a multiroom setup.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Sun, Nov 20 2016
  • Bang and Olufsen Dubai in the middle of crisis

    This past few months the shop has been not selling quite well even though there are new products released over the past months. Now a days many are buying B&O products through online shops for much cheaper price than the once in the stores. So this scenario is quite affecting the sale of the shop. Since our company is the exclusive dealer of B&O products in UAE for about more than 30 years, and we have found out some company secretly selling beoplay products to some of our tie up companies
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by zerocool143 on Tue, Nov 8 2016
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