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  • Beosytem 3, preamplifier , or avr with preouts?

    Hi everybody! Recently I have retired my BV3/32 from my setup.Purchased Samsung UEH55 HU 7500.The rest of the setup in signature.Now,I connected Samsung TV to Beosound Ouverture,as I was suggested,from tv headphone output into Ouverture Aux in .Not happy with the quality of the sound. Sound quality is imperative to me.In order to improve,there are few things on my mind: 1) To purchase(second hand) Beosytem 3 - cca 2500 gbp 2) To purchase good quality,new,preamplifier Audiolab 8200 ap - cca 1200 gbp
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by OldJack on Fri, Apr 3 2015
  • Re: Beosystem 3 faulty?

    Hi 9 LEE, Thanks yours response.Yes,green led ,then off...hopefully BS3 unit is ok.And i was not given Pin code. It was purchased from UK ,TMC4500 (The Legobay) , so next morning will ask them for PIN code. Furthermore,how can I access setup menu/make BS3 innitial setup? As I read from the forums,I need an IR receiver connected to BS3. Q1) Will STB PUC ir blaster/transmitter for B&O TVs do the job? Q2) Can I make innitial setup on BS3 using my (still good working) Beovision 3/32 with BEO4 remote
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by OldJack on Tue, May 5 2015
  • Beosystem 3 faulty?

    Hi! Recently I purchased Beosystem 3 from ebay,in order to integrate with the rest of the system in signature and new Samsung UE55HU7500 led tv.Seller declared BS3 latest version,fully working. Now when I plug in power cable to BS3, there is green led light on it,just for 3-4 seconds,and light goes off. Q: Is it normal,or I have faulty BS3 . (pls note,I have not made any initial setup on BS3 yet)
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by OldJack on Mon, May 4 2015
  • Beosystem 3 users,I need help

    Hi BS3 users, Recently I retired my Beovision 3 ,purchased new Samsung UE55HU7500 , and second hand Beosystem 3 from ebay. Seller declared to be latest edition,fully working. Intention to integrate with my :Beosound Ouverture,pair of Beolab 8000 as front speakers,pair of Beolab 4000 as rear speakers,and sub Beloab 2. Once BS3 received,i tried to connect it to Ouverture by Masterlink,all speakers connected to BS3,but there is no sound output.Also connected TV via HDMI,but there is no any display output
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by OldJack on Wed, May 6 2015
  • Re: What is audiophile and why is B&O arguably not audiophile?

    I am an old school.I am not into the movies,I am into the music.I still have collection of LPs and CDs.My old equipments is hi-tech pre/pro componets carefully collected during the 70-ties .Still running,And 15 years ago I removed it from my appartment to the cottage on the island.Few years ago,I even added decent AVR and set of high quality 6.1 speakers set,so the kids can have streaming and watching movies.And it sounds fantastic to me,as well as to my family.Am I an audiophile?Yes,I am. At the
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by OldJack on Mon, May 18 2015
  • Re: Beosystem 3 users,I need help

    update Received Lintronic, with Link Eye P#8087030. Bsys3 menu accessed with Beo4 navi.All in order.Setup done straight forward. Now working on cablings rearrangements. Next to do within day or two: awaiting amigo to help me with Lintronic setup. Thank You , Beoworlders , for yours patience and guidance (including not a customer service center after all). Frane
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by OldJack on Mon, May 18 2015
  • Re: Low-end for beolab 7-4

    @leosgonewild Glad you are happy with the sound.I am happy as well,with 2x BL7-4s along with BL2,hooked up to old BV3/32 at my cottage.At the moment 7-4s are placed on the cabinet,60 cm above the floor,and that is good listening level to me.Now,due to vibrations,thinking about DIY wall brackets for 7-4s,
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by OldJack on Sun, Jul 26 2015
  • Wrong way approach to repairs

    Hi all! Just to share experience,last night,whilst watching news on tv,center speaker(BL 7.1)used only,I heard crackling noise behind,coming out of my left rear speaker(BL4000 Mk1).After couple of seconds,red light on the speaker gone.Tried to switch on/off couple of times,no any ligt nor sound coming out.Disconnected both rear speakers.This morning,with a little help from my friend,opened speaker,checked,presumed faulty fuses,all found ok.Checked trafo,found ok.Being an complete analphabet,visually
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by OldJack on Thu, Dec 8 2016
  • Re: BL8000 pls help

    Hi Andrew, Difference mk1/mk2,search old threads for BL8000 like this one, Do not get rid of your Bl4000, if you can,they are very,very good underrated speakers. I use BL8000 as fronts,BL4000 as rears,Beolab2 sub,and BL7.1 as center,All connected to Beosystem 3 mk3.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by OldJack on Fri, Dec 30 2016
  • Re: Apple Home Kit

    Forget about Home Kits.Better use that money to buy flowers to your wife,on a regular basis.Just tell her what you want,she can turn on/off anything you like, and you don't like.Of course,there are occasional communication breakdowns,mostly affected by the moon phase...In such case,show some patience, reset ,and back to normal.
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by OldJack on Tue, Dec 27 2016
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