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  • Re: BeoSound Level left/right channels reversed

    i am in the same boat. I bought the gold/wooden version last week and immediatelly noticed that the stereo image on songs that i know very well sounds awkward. The left/right channel test tracks (either from Youtube or Apple Music, streamed to the Level via Airplay) resulted in the following: The “left channel” voice was coming from the wooden fret, slightly to the right of the center (the Level was set on the table with the speakers towards my face and touch controls on the top) The
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by yaccobo on Fri, Oct 29 2021
  • Beoplay app - how to understand the graphic equalizer with 4 corners (Warm, Bright, Excited, Relaxed)

    I just bought beoplay E8 earphones and am wondering how to interpret the four quadrants of the graphical EQ in the beoplay iPhone app. Specifically, I am trying to understand what exactly happens to the frequency response curve (20hZ to 20kHZ on horizontal axis, +- dB change on vertical axis)) if I move the white dot towards the four corners: warm - bright on one diagonal, and relaxed - excited on the other diagonal? For example, is this correct? towards Warm corner: bass is boosted, the rest of
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by yaccobo on Wed, Nov 29 2017
  • Beoplay V1 TV - connecting headphones - V1 menu settings?

    Beoplay V1 doesn't have a dedicated headphone output, but I bought an adapter cable from soundsheavenly that allows me to use headphones instead of built-in TV speakers. The cable is plugged into the Powerlink PL1 socket on the back of the TV. This seems to work fine, but since I need to use very high volume settings (between 70-90 on the scale of 0-90 used in V1) I am wondering if my settings in the V1 are correct. First I added the headphones like this. In the Speaker type menu I see a choice
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by yaccobo on Sun, Sep 18 2016
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