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  • BM 6500 noise on datalink

    Hi Beoworld, I've been following the forum a couple of years and have learned a lot by the good discussions. Thanks for that. On my workbench I have a white BM 6500 type 2336. I've recap board 4 and 9 to solve IR range problem and put in a new backup battery. So far so good, but when I tested the BM with my BL Penta mk. 3 I found that the display wouldn't turn on with the BM. Only if I switch to AUX the Penta display comes alive. As a note the Penta work perfect with a BC 9500 I've
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by skolesen on Sat, Dec 16 2017
    Filed under: Beolab penta mk3, Beomaster 6500, repairs, datalink, weird
  • Re: first taste of the vintage B&O virus

    Dave, It looks great in their new home. Hope they will give you fun many years in the furture :-) Steffen
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by skolesen on Sun, Oct 1 2017
  • Re: Buying Vintage

    Hi Dave, I've sent you an PM. Steffen
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by skolesen on Wed, Sep 27 2017
  • Re: iPod integration into Datalink

    Ridax old homepage is still active Here you can find some information on the Ridax iPod and B&O integration. Ridax solution was based on a PIC. About the format of the data link it self try to look in the arcive here Hope this will help you and please keep us updated on your Progress. /steffen
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by skolesen on Wed, May 4 2016
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