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  • Re: Begram 1202 runs too fast

    Hi Søren! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was planning on cleaning and lubricating the turntable. I do know where to lube the motor. But what exactly do you mean by lubing the speed change mechanism? Where is that mechanism even located? Sorry if I asked a silly question ...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by styppen on Thu, Sep 25 2014
  • Begram 1202 runs too fast

    Hello guys! First time poster, long time lurker here I have come across a well preserved Beogram 1202 that needs some love and care. The problem that I'm having is that the platter spins too fast, resulting in a highly irritating pitch. Ella Fitzgerald sounds really ridiculous! I have fiddled around with the speed adjustment control but even at the slowest setting the record still plays too fast. I did some reading and I narrowed down the list to the following suspects: - The Belt: It was replaced
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by styppen on Wed, Sep 24 2014
    Filed under: Beogram 1202
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