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Texas, United States
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  • A Beovox MS150 Project

    While delaying the completion of the Beomaster 6000 project (I have been recapping some other amplifiers before diving into the volume motor repair), I came across these Beovox MS150 speakers that are in need of restoration. The MS150 speakers have been...
    by sonavor
  • Beocenter 9300 laser failure. Spare parts??

    Hello, I have an immaculate beocenter 9300, and the laser has failed. I am trying to source a laser lens for the phillips mechanism VAU1255/21 I have got lasers from liberty electronics when restoring units with linear tracking lasers, and they are a...
    by Chaka
  • Beocord 5000 Mexico

    Got to the Beocord yesterday, everybody knows how to take of the top cover, so here goes. Take of the command panel, pres the taps. red arrows, to the inside and upwards with a screw driver, then carefully pull the panel up and out.Be careful there is...
  • Beocord 9000 Repair

    The final piece for my 8000 system will hopefully be this Beocord 9000. It appeared to be working except for fast forward. Opening it up though, I found a broken leaf spring for the cassette mechanism on the left side. Without the leaf spring the Beocord...
    by sonavor
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