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RAJOD wrote 8002
on Wed, Jul 30 2014 8:09 PM

I read your thread on the 8002 repair.  I like your tenacity.   I don't normally like to read long stories but I found myself reading it like a novel.   Waiting for the next roadblock to pop up and to see if you found a solve.

Were you some kind of electronics repair person?  You seem to be right at home with capacitors and diagrams.  

So the main issues (I know you got sidetracked many times barking up the wrong tree) were.

- Bad LCD display

- Some bad caps but you pretty much replaced them all.

- CPU was bad? 

Did not see a summary page and thought I would ask (If you knew what you know now) what would have been the fastest way to get it up and running.  Doing the minimum amount of soldering etc.  (no debugging needed)

I'm semi retired now and thought maybe I would try to get some of the equipment you have to repair as a hobby.   I was a physics major but really have limited soldering skills and would need to read up on how these circuits work and how to read schematics.  

I was impressed how you know how to check voltages and what they meant.   Right now I would not know where to start.  So it will be a learning experience for me.  

Not sure what I would need but I'm guessing

1.  Good solder station (and practice)

2. Some kind of oscilliscope (and refresh on how to use one)

3. I have a multimeter but I'm sure there are more specific ones.


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