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50 years old
Lisse, the Netherlands
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Married, two beautiful daughters. I'm a product designer with a big interest in everything that has to do with craftsmanship, whether it's steel welding, making beautiful wood joinery or bespoke shoes. I love it all.

My personal hobby is leather work. I make bags, wallets, guitar straps and just started making my own shoes.

After I got my hands on a beautiful Beogram 4002. I started investigating which amps B&O made in this period. This way I stumbled upon the 4400 and by great coincidence got my hands on one. I'm completely in love with this vintage combo and don't want anything else.

After making my first speakers, the Cyburgs Needles, I just now ordered the components for my second pair, the TABAQ. Love building stuff and listening to music, so this is a great combination.




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