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59 years old
Annecy - France
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Chris wrote Moment
on Sun, Feb 22 2015 11:58 AM

Voila, did a fresh install on the mac mini, no traces anymore to iTunes just one directory with 4 albums (Mp3, Aiff, m4a, Flac)  52 songs. I'm waiting, waiting... Made also a Beocare mail with the problems. Will make another mail with the install problems, after a factory reset sometimes its very hard for the Moment to find the TV speakers and connect, had to reset again 3 times before it works.

Bet regards Chris

Chris wrote Moment
on Sun, Feb 22 2015 11:03 AM

Hope your not finding this a bad way to communicate, it would be to much to pollute the thread in beoworld.

This morning I tried some albums who appear in the BeoMusic app, the cover appears correctly but no sound and it changed to next song, next song....... It was a 24/96 album in Aiff, I changed it to M4A, to Flac still not working. All my iTunes playlists appaers in BeoMusic, but nothing on the jukebox. I could not try the Moment on my speakers because the Moment did not find them today. Yesterday was everything fine.... in finding the speakers.

Again a reset to factory settings today, and I will remove completely my iTunes directory from the mac mini. Make a new music directory, put that 24/96 flac file into it and let it scan again, Pffff!

Let me now how you advance

Best regards Chris

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