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womanlikeogoro wrote code issues
on Sat, Jan 10 2015 9:07 PM

I met a couple of guys around in Ghana who bought some used or second hand B&O stuffs but having challenges and are getting discouraged with B&O brand products.I go online to get nice info and make guys to love the product but the challenges are not getting solve because of

1. nonavailability of remotes( managing it)

2. 'code errors' & 'wait' (terrible )

3. nonavailability of B&O technicians (somehow no sweat)

The main worry is that of code error and wait which make you feel you have a working TV but it's a white elephant.

I wish there's a platform where secondary owners of B&O TVs or products with locked code that have left their primary zones can reach their first owners who coded the gadgets but forgot to unlock before releasing them to assist in freeing the gadget.

i have a B&O

BeoVision 6 26


Type No: 9250

Item No:1816117

Serial No: 18193943

The TV  came with a code. I got 11111 to access for some time and w

late went to 'COD ERROR'

Now it's 'WAIT'

I wish to get help and start using it since i sold out my only Samsung 32 inches LCD TV for this.

i should be very thankful if the user of this product can see and help me out.


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