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Hello to all.

I am a 60 years old portrait photographer based mainly in Paris and in the Haute-Savoie.

I have been a B&O fan for many years with a disruption of several years due to the incompetency of the after market French department. I have had many B&O toys in the past (TV, Beosound, Telephones...) but got rid of it all about 10 years ago after my Beosoud CD unit broke twice within a year, a unit serviced by the French Parisian dealer! The CD player in my car is 20 years old and still works perfectly.

Today I am back, purchasing a used Beosound Century as I do not get the same enthusiasm for the design of the latest products. I agree that remaining B&O in such a competitive environment is not an easy task, but "design and excellence" was B&O main USP. I am not sure it still is... I may be wrong and who knows I might end up loving the new equipment after all...

I came to this forum to share and receive advises. Stay safe during these uncertain times Smile Wink


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