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B&O integration

B&O integration
posted by samsp
Thu, Apr 23 2020

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Late last year I moved back to the Seattle area and bought a new house. As usual the builder did a big fireplace, so if the TV were to be mounted above it, the base would be at 5ft high. So I mounted to the side of the stairs. This had the added benefit that the equipment could go under the stairs, all nice and hidden.

The more astute will notice that its not a B&O TV, the only B&O equipment are the speakers, remote and IR receiver. I use a BeoRemote 1 to control everything via the puck on the wall. See for more details on how that works.

A friend has a 3d printer, so I designed and printed stands for the BeoLab 6000 I use as a center speaker, along with an end cap to hide the connectors.

Shiplap is not my preferred wall covering, but it turned out that the gaps between boards are just right for holding/hiding cables, so I'm actually really happy with it.

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