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Movie time :)

Movie time :)
posted by Rikard
Fri, Mar 2 2012

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I really love our BV10-46! The BL3 does not really have the best placement but it works for surround! 

To the BV I have connected my PS3 as a Bluray player and gameconsole, it is connected and controlled with the Beo remote. I also have my Mac Mini connected to the BV and control it with PUC or my Ipad. This really works great. 



Hiort wrote re: Movie time :)
on Fri, Mar 2 2012 12:41 PM

Väldigt snyggt!

Hur har du dragit Beocenterkabeln utan at den syns?

Rikard wrote re: Movie time :)
on Sat, Mar 3 2012 8:35 AM


Hålsåg ett bakom plattan till BC, ett nertill. Sen har jag doslock med kabelkanal i de nedre hålen, både till BC och högtalarna. Lite pill med det var det värt!

Viktigt att man har rätt storlek - så man kan täcka hålen med doslock..

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