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      • Eastbourne England
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      Simple question.. Of all the products in the range, taking into account ‘Bang for your Buck’ what is your favourite product?

      I’d say mine is one of these three :

      1. BeoLab 28.  Not stupidly priced and sound incredible for their size.
      2. BeoPlay A9. Why don’t more people own these?! They’re beautiful and sound absolutely amazing!  I will never, ever sell my Mk3.
      3. BeoPlay H95 Headphones. Absolutely love mine!  For the prices they’re going for now they’re a real no-brainer if you’re after some ‘over ears’

      The winner, for me, is the A9.  I have the Mk3 (can’t stand the inbuilt Google – and I know you can switch it off, but..) and it can fill a large room with some serious sound. It also looks like a work of art, there’s a HUGE choice of covers now available, the legs can be changed to suit, and you can wall or floor mount them!

      Versatile, beautiful design with amazing sound. This, to me, carries the hallmarks of a B&O Classic.

      Over to you good people!

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        Lately, it’s been a stereo pair of Beosound A1s.  At my low office listening levels, I’m finding the imaging from the stereo separation more enjoyable than the better sonic quality of my BS2.  Not sure what to make of this…


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          (1) Beolab 90s, obviously!

          (2) Beoplay A1. It sounds stupidly good for its size.


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            • Burgundy
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            Not really current… almost!

            My Prize Draw mk1 Beoplay A9 does sound amazing, considering its size.

            Guests and family love it too!

            BRONZE Member
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              That’s a very difficult question. First of all, products you own or would love to own :).

              For me, any Beolab really, but realistically I could only get as far as Beolab 28 if I really wanted to. I have yet to listen to them but I don’t dare to, in fear of falling in love and craving them at the expense of selling what I already have, which are current products I love :).

              My Balances and Beosound 1, my two pairs of H95s (I’d even get a third pair in the right colour). I also like my EQ but wouldn’t place it in front of the others.

              I also love the sound of the Beosound 2 which is why I’d like to buy one, because together with my two Balances it would sound absolutely epic.

              I agree that more people should buy the A9.

              BRONZE Member
                • Flensborg————Danmark
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                The BSys4/Sound Center platform – since that is the heart/the cornerstone of my setup.


                  • Paris France
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                  If the question is “in the current range”, Beolab 18: That’s B&O, period. Maybe that 72-22.

                  If the question is “your favorite in what you own currently”, I think it is my Beosystem 1001 made of BM1001, BC1200, BC2200, BG4002, U70, S45-2 front/C30 Rear. Maybe my simple BC2300 with BL4000 that recently get a new shine compared to 8000’s.

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                    To me the Beosound Shape is the most appealing B&o design in their portfolio.

                    It has a hugh WOW factor, sounds great and most new visitors do not understand what it is (for). The concept is so far off everything else in the audio business.

                    GOLD Member
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                      I agree with all of your post, Carolpa.

                      When I was growing up, B&O products were simply magical.   I hate the cliché, but they really were ‘outside the box.’

                      The Shape is, to me, the product that brings back the magic.  And it goes without saying that it’s literally outside of the box.  My audiophile friends have no idea what it is, even after I explain it.

                      “Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.”  ~ Arthur C. Clarke

                        • San Francisco
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                        We have a wall of B&O gear in the office and the single most over-looked (in my opinion) is the A9. Positively nuclear sound power (yes there really is an 8″ woofer packed in there). I work in an office loaded with speaker geeks and I’m the only one who has bothered to plug it in. Astonishing sound from a super lean device and incredibly simple but elegant design.

                        BeoSound Shape is also a chart topper in the “Most Underrated B&O product category”. No one knows it exists unless they used to be engineers in the development process it seems. The shame is it actually hides one of the most high-tech amplifier developments I know of and is generally packed with really innovative engineering.

                        But back to the question… BeoLit 15 (yes, I know its old now) but you know what I mean. It’s just the right size to be enough for 99% of music needs outside of the living room/house. Oh and the sound is epic.

                        BRONZE Member
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                          If we’re talking about current and bang for your buck I have to agree with the A9

                          Not current but my most used/loved speakers is my BeoSound 35’s great Multiroom speaker with the built in display and can control them either with the IR BeoRemote One’s or the BeoRemote Halo

                          BRONZE Member
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                            Beoplay A9, the most useful B&O product at home. Beovision Harmony for its ability to hide a very big screen in the living room and for the come back of the magical mechanical movement in a Beovision product. Beoplay A1 for its sound and its indestructibility.

                            BRONZE Member
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                              Interestingly, I find I’m using the Level more than any other device (apart from the Stage connected to the LG G1).

                              Granted, it’s not got the best sound across the range, nor the best-looking device, but it’s portable, easy to move around, just grab and go.

                              Only issue I find is the positioning of the controls next to the carry handle. They are sensitive and if your hand gets close it thinks you’re setting a preset or similar, if you move the Level when it’s playing.

                              BRONZE Member
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                                Beolab 28 for me. I picked these over the 50 due to the aesthetics in the room and overall design and have been honestly surprised with how good they sound in this space. A close second is my Halo. I love the deezer integration with B&O and how simple the Halo makes turning in my favorite post work music.

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                                  • Beosound 2: in my opinion one of the most beautiful products in the current B&O product lineup. It is inspiring, looks like a sculpture and is a conversation starter. The sound is warm and effortlessly spreads through the room. It sounds not as controlled or accurate than some of the new speakers, but that character contributes to its unique sound signature. It’s almost like the Beosound 2 sings along with the music, giving its own interpretation, and it does that in a very pleasing way.
                                  • Beoplay A9: again a stunning B&O design icon which integrates in any environment. It is extremely powerful and a perfect party beast, however, for critical listening it is not my favourite.
                                  • Beolab 18: in 2013 Beolab 18 replaced the Beolab 8000, one of the most successful products B&O ever made designed by David Lewis. Designing a successor for such an icon was an incredibly hard challenge, most iterations of a product don’t succeed to match the original. In the case of the 18s, I think Torsten Valeur did an incredible job in keeping the overall look and feel, refine the general lines and add some unique touches.
                                  • Beosound Level: adding the Level to the list because especially in smaller rooms it just sounds amazing, especially given its size and portability.
                                  • Beosound Stage: not the most inspiring design, but in terms of sound for your money by far the best product in the B&O lineup. I also think this is an important product to attract new customers.
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