Penta Twee-Mid update?

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    Hello wonderful BeoWorlders. I have been on-and-off rehabbing my pair of pentas for a while now but along the way one of my colleagues gave me a brilliant idea. Why not just print a new baffle section with more modern transducers? This would of course require a ton of work (looking at you, crossover) but I could definitely tackle the mechanical side of things. Just wanted to float this idea out into the BeoUniverse to see what you all thought. I need another project like I need a hole in my head but I didn’t want to keep this brainwave to myself.

    The Tymphany/Peerless parts catalog is within close reach to me so this is based on a PLS-75 variant and our DX20 tweeter (distant cousin of the BeoLab 5 tweet). Largely, this config fits within the existing Penta baffle component dimensions.

    Of course this eliminates the need to refoam the original midrange transducers and by selecting new mids that have rubber surrounds, it prevents the same problem from happening again. Secondarily there is an opportunity to improve the performance of the Penta as well given how modern transducers have come such a long way thanks to simulation and modern material science.

    Let me know what you think! Anyone interested in a new twee-mid kit? Let’s open source the Penta!


    Penta Twee-Mid Update

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