BeoMaster 5 won’t power on beolab 6000s

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      Been given a BM5 & BS5 with two Beolab 6000s. Have bought new powerlink cables and upon powering the BM5 from mains both Beolabs briefly go green then go straight back to red. Once the BM5 has booted up and I’m able to navigate using the bs5 to play a song I can get audio thru the line out Jack but the speakers stay red.

      I’m handy with soldering iron & multimeter, having some experience but never come across B&O stuff before  Where should I start?


      I’ve checked the cables. Pins all connected. I believe they’re mark 2s. Complete cables.

      the beolabs go green if I switch to line which I understand to be normal behaviour. But will not go green on powerlink


      taking case off BM5 I got 4 red leds next to the various power lines marked on PCB. 5v_sb 12v etc etc

      the Sound option appears in settings and is set to no Beolab 5.

      im stumped … where next? ive made mk2 cables myself to try too and they also behave the same.

      im suspecting the beolabs. But how would I go about testing this?

      any advice would be warmly welcomed.
      thx peeps x

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