Beolab 20 review/measurements

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      So, it appears that the Beolab 20 has been measured by Amir at AudioScienceReview and a garnered a very tepid reception to say the least.  Thought it was interesting enough to share here and if anyone has anything to add to the disscussion regarding the 20.

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        I have enjoyed reading their reviews of other audio products for some time. They are very focused on objective measurements and have been a welcome source of cutting through lots of snake-oil products that seem to infect the audio product space.

        The tweeter dispersion results do seem disappointing and counterintuitive to the ALT design goal. I do wonder if the ABL loudness and also the room position dip switch selection didn’t negatively impact the measurements/listening test.

        It would be interesting to hear what Geoff thinks of the results / testing methodology.

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          Regardless of all the measurements: I’m still blown away by my 20’s and love every minute of listening to them.


          Maybe a comparison between a Tesla and a Ferrari is in place here. On paper, a faster Tesla is all over any Ferrari. But a Tesla totally lacks any emotion at all. A Ferrari, on the other hand, is pure emotion.


          Now let’s turn up those 20’s again!

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            I bought tyhe 20s after the 9s  worst mistake I ever made, whilst the technical nature of the report was interesting– dull and lifeless is the conclusion I came to.


            On mikipedia chat they come to similar conclusions

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