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  • TX2 - Front "Play" button problem

    Hi - On a TX2 turntable, the front panel "Play" button has been acting up (for years). Here's what happens most of the time: I hit the button once and the player behaves has if I hit it twice in succession, i.e., it goes into "repeat mode"; the 33 indicator light flashes and it...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by GessWurker on Tue, Mar 16 2021
    Filed under: vintage, turntable, Vintage B & O components
  • Beolab 5000 diagnostics

    Hi I have tried to search for a thread that describe diagnostics 101 for the Beolab 5000, but cannot find any. I just purchased a tired one for way too much money, but are getting progress now. I have sanded the rust on most of the metal, except the bottom plate and some minor rust on some brackets....
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Frank Solem on Tue, Mar 16 2021
    Filed under: vintage, 5000, Beolab 5000, repair.
  • Beogram 1700

    Hello, My Beogram 1700 seems to not have survived a move. Usually, when I push the 45 or 33 button, the arm moves into the correct position automatically. Now it moves towards the turntable, lowers the stylus, and then pulls back into resting position. I'm not at all familiar with the underlying...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by jackenhausen on Sun, Jan 10 2021
    Filed under: vintage, turntable arm problem, Beogram 1700
  • We bought a Beogram 1202 and aren't sure how to calibrate it!

    Hi all! We have just bought a Beogram1202 pretty darned cheap and it seems to be in pretty much working order--we've played a few records, and the lift, manual and automatic functions seem to be working perfectly well! Also seems to be playing at the correct speed, however. However, we thought it...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by SpringHeeledJoe on Sat, Aug 22 2020
    Filed under: Beovox, beomaster 901, vintage, 901, beogram 1202, counterweight, pressure, Boegram 1202, amp, amplifier, vintage., arm, 2702, beogram 1202 fix, rumble
  • BeoLab 3500 in multiple rooms - maybe multible sources?

    My current setup is based on a vintage BeoCenter AV5 in the living room, as I enjoy sitting and playing vintage computers and game consoles, and that the AV5 also gives me a good CD-player - with this a Pioneer DVD player and a Yamaha amplifier setup with some BeoVox S65 (or S75) and P35 (or P35) as...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by CrazyCatman on Fri, Apr 3 2020
    Filed under: speakers, vintage, beolab 3500, BeoCenter AV5, Beo5, BeoVision 8-26
  • Beocenter 9000 CD problem

    Hi First post here, after reviewing many, many threads about the CD4 mechanism and board used in the Beocenter 9000. I have the usual problem of disk rejection, failing to play, etc, with the occasional play on really clean disks. Naturally C2103 is the assumed culprit. I replaced C2103 with a Vishay...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by jonbr on Sat, Jan 4 2020
    Filed under: beocenter 9000, vintage, 9000, cd, Service Manual, CD4
  • Beocenter 3300

    Good morning all, I am new to the forum and wondered if anyone had a Beocenter 3300 to help me reassemble one I bought in a few bits? I am unsure how the spring mechanism goes back together for the “Programming” panel? I have the spring and the hook but can’t seem to find a way of putting...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by DanCharman on Thu, Nov 15 2018
    Filed under: Beocenter, vintage, Beocenter 3300
  • How much weight can the SC 17 cabinet take?

    I recently acquired an SC17 and the plan is to use it for TV and stereo equipment. Can't find any old manuals or catalogs so far on max weight or similar. Afaik it was made for to fit the Beomaster 1600/1700 (~ 8 kg) and the Beocord 1700 (5 kg) on the top shelf and the Beogram 1600 (6 kg) plus lots...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by erlendh on Fri, Jul 6 2018
    Filed under: vintage, Beocord 1600, beomaster 1600, Beogram 1600, stand
  • Beovox MC120.2 Speakers

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of B&O speakers - Beovox MC120.2 - that I’m trying to figure out what to do with and I’m looking for some advice. The speakers are in excellent condition except for the foam on the woofers is completely rotted out. I want to sell the speakers, but I’m...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Dankeschn on Wed, Mar 28 2018
    Filed under: Beovox, repair, speakers, vintage, refurb, vintage for sale, fix, how to, woofer, for sale
  • Beocenter 4000 type 1603 - replacing cassette belts

    Hi, All just wanted to ask whats the best way to rebelt the cassette deck on one of these lovely machines as I have just finished servicing the amp and power board just would like to rebelt the deck while I am in the machine. Whats the best and easiest way to do this please? Kind Regards, Lewis
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Sun, Feb 25 2018
    Filed under: repair, help, Beocenter, problem, vintage, becenter, refurb, belt, amplifier, vintage., Beocord Parts, tape deck, beocenter 4000, Restoration, tapedeck, repair., cassette, replace belts
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