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  • Beogram TX2 Slipmat / platter mat?

    Hello friends, I recently acquired a Beogram TX2. MMC3 needle had broken off prior to getting it, so I have a new cartridge on order from Sound-Smith, a SMMC3. Everything seems to function otherwise, so I am looking forward to testing it for real. Question regarding the platter...does everyone with a...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steve on Sun, Jan 15 2017
    Filed under: turntable, platter mat, slipmat, tx2
  • Turntable integration with beovision 14

    I have a beovision 14 and beolab 20s. I'd like to integrate a turntable into my system and I understand using an amp to the line in is the preferred solution, but where my tv is place is not brilliant in terms of placing an amp turntable nearby. I guess alternatives would be to use something like...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by spl82 on Thu, Jan 26 2017
    Filed under: turntable, Beolab 20, Beovision 14
  • Advice & Help - Want to add vacuum tube pre-amp to existing B&O system with Beolab 9

    Hello everyone, I am new to BeoWorld. Need some advice and assistance here for potential upgrade of my system. Below is the system I have been using for quite a number of years: # Speaker: Beolab 9 # TV: Beovision 10-46 (connected to Beosound 3200 with Beolink) # System: Beosound 3200 # Turntable: Pro...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Groovyme on Tue, Jun 20 2017
    Filed under: Beosound 3200, turntable, vinyl, Beolab9, Beovision 10-46
  • Beogram 1200

    Hi all, First time on Beoworld forum. I have a Beogram 1200. Platter is not spinning when turned on. Have been told by a technician that the motor is dead. I am looking to replace motor. Q1: Can I get a replacement motor. Q2: Can I cannabalise from another Beogram model (I can get my hands on a Beogram1102...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by GPAudio on Thu, Oct 5 2017
    Filed under: beogram, turntable, Beogram 1200, Beogram 1202, Motor, Platter
  • Unidentified B&O Turntable and Questions!

    Hey there! This is my first time posting to the site, so please take it easy. I apologize for my general lack of information and knowledge. Up until a few days ago, I knew next to nothing about B&O alltogether. I’m in the market for a turntable, my very first, and have always been interested...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Joshy on Sat, Dec 2 2017
    Filed under: turntable
  • B&O 5500 turntable arm issue

    I just bought a used 5500 system (receiver, cd, turntable, tape deck, remote) and so far loving it - but - i have an odd problem i'm hoping someone can help with... When i press play, the arm moves over to the record and it doesnt seem to lower down enough to touch the record, and then keeps moving...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Adam on Sun, Jan 14 2018
    Filed under: bang olufsen, turntable, stylus, MMC cartridge, tone arm stuck, tone arm, Beogram 5500 record player, 5500, Beosystem 5500, Beomaster 5500 Beovision 7 Beolab 3500, Platter
  • Newbie in Need of Help Fixing Beogram RX2

    Hello all! I'm relatively new to the world of turntables and Bang & Olufsen, and my Uncle recently generously gifted me his old Beogram RX2 (type #5833). It's in fairly good condition with the cartridge (an MMC 5) still in tact. Unfortunately, I've run into a number of issues that I was...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by esap57 on Tue, Aug 14 2018
    Filed under: beogram, turntable, repair, beogram rx2, beogram repair, RX 2, beogram rx 2
  • Help With "New To Me" B&0 8000 Turntable the hums--Help a Newbie

    I now have a B&O 8000 Turntable refurbished from Europe. Just got it in. It has a din plug from the turntable to RCA on the amplifier. The ground is plugged in to the amplifier. The applifier is a Rouge High Breed (Has tubes and solid state). From the first record, It has a hiss/hum that does not...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by sthrngary on Tue, Jun 12 2018
    Filed under: 8000, turntable, hum, B&W
  • How to re-install RX2 dust cover?

    Hi all- I have an RX2 turntable that I've disassembled and fixed an issue with. Now I'm trying to reassemble it and the dust cover is proving to be a huge pain. I can't seem to get the screw holes to align, as you can see in this photo from the back (sorry I can't figure out the images...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by agoraphone on Wed, Mar 28 2018
    Filed under: turntable, RX 2, RX2, dust cover
  • Seek recommendations for turntable for Beomaster 5500

    I am seeking recommendations for a turntable and stylus combination to use with a Beomaster 5500. I have a budget of ~USD400. What would be the most cost effective solution of matching a turntable and stylus for this amount? Not that important to me to control the turntable from the MCP.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Klarinette1 on Fri, Mar 9 2018
    Filed under: turntable, 5500, Beomaster 5500 system
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