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  • Beogram 4002 Tonearm

    Dear Workbench, There are lots of archived discussions on problems with tonearm movement on Beogram 4000/2/4 and 6000s and it seems that freeing the seized lubricated points on the mechanism is the solution, when there is that click of the solenoid. My 4002's arm moves perfectly, senses the record...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by PeterFrancis on Tue, May 29 2012
    Filed under: tonearm, solenoid, beogram, 4002
  • Beogram 5005 tonearm height not consistent

    I've just picked up a Beogram 5005 with a minor issue, and I'd appreciate some advice on how to go about fixing it up. When playing a 12" record, the tonearm tracks to the right spot, and lowers, but stops just short of the record surface. If I move the tonearm 1cm or so inward, it makes...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by halkyardo on Wed, Oct 31 2012
    Filed under: tonearm, beogram 5005
  • Beogram 1700 Tonearm - Tonearm lift issue, post-lifter fix

    Hello, I am 3 Beogram 1700's deep into this so I you could say I am committed. However my technical knowledge is very limited. I recently purchased my 3rd 1700 in perfect condition, except when I went to play a record the tonearm lifted very slowly and not enough, resulting in the cartridge scratching...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by windycity on Wed, Dec 4 2013
    Filed under: tonearm, Beogram 1700, lift issues
  • Beocenter 2800 - cant stop platter on record deck spinning

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone can help me, yesterday I got myself a Beocenter for a bargin! only £40 I have plugged it in and connected it to my Beovox s35-2's and I must say it sounds great. It is fully working apart from the odd sticky stitch what I believe is common and the issue...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Lewis T on Wed, Jan 1 2014
    Filed under: wiring, Beocenter, Vintage Beomaster, tonearm, beogram, Repair, amplifiers, power switch, on/off switch, fix, rebuild, turntable, vinyl, vintage
  • BeoCentre 3500 Pick-up arm downstroke error

    Hello, I recently picked up a really good example of a white BeoCentre 3500 from a local charity shop for just a few pounds, and after re-foaming the woofer surrounds on the pair of 3702's that came with it, I now have a great sounding unit... with one niggle: The pick-up arm doesn't quite sit...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by davehiskett on Thu, Oct 15 2015
    Filed under: Beocenter, tonearm, turntable
  • beogram 3000 cueing adjustment

    does anyone know how to adjust the cueing position on a beogram 3000 type 52xx , the needle drops 10mm short of the record surface i am not sure how this is adjusted i have read the service manuals but it does not seem to mention an adjustment :? ,any input would be usefull thanks
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by beo3000 on Thu, Oct 15 2015
    Filed under: tonearm, vinyl, vintage, Beogram 1202
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