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  • Beovox C75 problem

    Hi! I've just aqquired a set of beovox c75 speakers, which looks to be in good condition, no foam rot or anything, but the left hand speaker sounds muffled compared to the right, which is crisp and clear. Before I run back to the seller, is this something which could be an quick fix, like a build...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by knoydart on Fri, Nov 2 2012
    Filed under: Beovox, problem, speakers, muffled sound, Beovox c75
  • Beosystem 5500 w/Penta speakers - trying to connect outdoor non-amplified speakers

    (From new poster, not very technical) What do I need to attach some outdoor non-B&O, non-amplified speakers to my Beosystem 5500 so the outdoor speakers are not on all the time when I am listening to the system inside? From my limited research, I think I need a Beolink passive, but can it be used...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Wendy J on Sun, Nov 25 2012
    Filed under: speakers, Penta speakers, Beolink Passive, Beosystem 5500
  • Beocenter 7002 vinyl problems

    Hello I have a Beocenter 7002 which I use daily both to play records and listen to the radio. I am getting some scratchiness/inteference from the speakers but only when I play records, the radio is fine. I have checked the connections on the original B&O speakers and on the Center but they all look...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by redrovery on Thu, Jan 3 2013
    Filed under: Phono, speakers, vintage, noise, stylus, becenter, catridge
  • Beovox S25 speaker problem... please help

    Hello everyone, I've just bought my first B&O system and i'm new to all this so please bear with me! I bought a Beogram 1102, Beomaster 901 and some Beovox S25 speakers however i'm having a problem with one of the speakers and wondered if anyon can give me any advice on how to fix the...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by richardbell81 on Tue, Feb 5 2013
    Filed under: Beovox, speakers, s25
  • Beovox 1702 Speakers - How do you remove the front covers?

    Hello everyone, Well a few weeks ago I didn't own a single piece of B&O... I have now officially got the bug and own 3 sets of speakers, a Beomaster 901, Beogram 1202 and a Beogram 1102... and have no idea why! Anyway, back to the question in hand! I have just bought some Beovox 1702 speakers...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by richardbell81 on Fri, Mar 8 2013
    Filed under: speakers, cover, grills, beovox 1702
  • Beovox Redline 60.2 speakers with Beocentre 7700

    I recently acquired a beautiful pair of Redline 60.2 speakers... but when I plug them in to my Beocentre 7700 they work for a few seconds but then seem to cut the power to the system. Not knowing too much about the maths and science behind what goes with what - I guessed that the "Wattage"...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Ashley on Thu, Nov 21 2013
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, speakers, rl6000, Redline 60.2
  • Beomaster 3400 - speaker output issues

    Hi Everyone, I have just brought a Beomaster 3400 it is in full original working condition. I am having a problem with the right channel on set 1 of speaker outputs it just wont work at all but when I plugged my form 2 headphones in the channel was there and working fine. I have opened up the case and...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Sat, Nov 23 2013
    Filed under: repair, right channel, problem, speakers, vintage, quadrophonic, speaker channel, wire, channel, volume, beomaster, vintage., vintage for sale, beomaster 3400
  • Wall mount solution for Redline 60.2 or 45

    Now that my Redline speakers are sounding fantastic, I am looking for a reasonable solution to hang them from the wall. Has anyone had any luck with any non B&O brackets to do the job? or has anyone had something custom made that they're happy with? There is a pivotal wall mount bracket for sale...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Ashley on Sun, Nov 24 2013
    Filed under: speakers, rl6000, Redline 60.2, wall mount, beovox rl45, brackets
  • Beocenter 4000 1978 - 1980 version - no speaker output - Help!!!

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what could be wrong with my Beocenter 4000 I was listening to it this morning all was fine, I changed one of the fm presets and pushed the popup part back down that lives under the chrome flap on the top of the unit it was working fine and sounded great...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Wed, Dec 25 2013
    Filed under: repair, Beocenter, failure, speakers, vintage, noise, becenter, Classic Audio, speaker channel, speaker, volume problem, volume, amplifier, vintage., beocenter 4000
  • Beovox p45 Replacement Mid-Drivers

    Hello All, I've a pair of Beovox p45's one of which isn't now working properly as the two mid-units have succumbed to frozen-cone syndrome. I was wondering, as replacement ones are quite difficult to come across, are there any other more readily available drivers that can replace these? I...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by roblongdesign on Thu, Aug 7 2014
    Filed under: speakers, p50, drivers, frozen, p45
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