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  • Bluray player connection with BeoVision 6 22

    Hello, (for dutch people I am trying to connect my Sony bdp-s470 Bluray player with my BeoVision 6 22. I have tried many different cables, but the only thing that seems to work is a composite cable, which is the lowest quality connection. Now, I tried: RGB...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by benjarys on Wed, Apr 25 2012
    Filed under: scart, dvi, beovision 6, hdmi, bluray, troubles, help
  • Beo 3-32 Can't tune to Digibox

    I've tried for hours but I can't tune the TV. When I plug digibox to my other B&O there are no problems. Has anyone got help on how I can check my setup please. I have scart into B&O from the digibox, when I press TV I can't go up the channels. thanks Kenny
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kph2001 on Sat, Feb 8 2014
    Filed under: scart, re-tuning, Beovision 3 32
  • Avant vcr, connecting dvd player

    Can anyone out there help? I've just bought a Denon 3910 dvd player and connected it to the 'decoder' scart socket, the 'av' socket being occupied by my sky+ box. When I play a dvd the picture is absolutely fine but no sound! When I swop the scart leads the dvd works with sound, but...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by hmikehud on Mon, Feb 3 2014
    Filed under: scart, dvd player connection, avant vcr
  • Connect BL 8000 with Philips TV?

    Hey Beoworlders, I got the BeoLab 8000 Speakers (bought in 1996) and would like to connect them with the Philips 5500 Series TV. As far as I know there is a Powerlink cable connection on the speakers. Atm the speakers are connected with the BeoSound Ouverture CD/Tape/Tuner Is there a possibility to connect...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by AL3333333X on Sat, Jul 12 2014
    Filed under: Beolink converter, scart, hdmi, help, digital, audio, Beolab 8000, Aux, converter, Connection, Powerlink, Surround Sound, 8000, Help required, smart tv, AV9000 Setup Aux, Smart-TV, speakers, loudspeakers, A.AUX, channel out, problem, speaker, optical connections, AV 9000 Master Panel Converter Powerlink, Aux input, advice, Beolab 8000 Beosound 9000, high end powerlink cable, active speakers, Beolink MCL 2A Powerlink Speakerlink Beolab, digital media, Samsung, sound, beolab 8000 Beosound 2300, audio problems, Adapter
  • BC1 RGBs Scart

    Hello, It may seem ridiculous in this day and age, but I am trying to feed a RGBs signal to a BC1 on the AV Scart declared as a STB. I am using a Kramer VP-101 to convert a VGA signal. I have built a Scart cable with RGBs and Audio L/R (plus all the corresponding ground). Unfortunately it's not working...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Scott Needham on Sun, Nov 2 2014
    Filed under: scart, BeoCenter 1, RGB input
  • SCART connections on Beovision 3-32

    I've never been entirely happy with the picture quality since I bought the TV a couple of years ago. I suspected that the signal it's using is composite rather than RGB. So today I decided to disconnect pin 20 (composite IN) and hey presto no picture. What do I need to do to ensure the TV uses...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by UKKid35 on Sun, Nov 2 2014
    Filed under: scart, Beovision 3 32
  • Beovision 32 - Solving HDMI and audio connections

    I have an Apple TV connected to a Beovision 32 (GB2? - December 2008) using the following connections: Video: HDMI > DVI-I Audio: RCA > SCART (using AV3) I also have a BT YouView box connected using SCART > SCART (using AV1) I would like to use the DVI-I for both sources to get HD from Apple...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by toby64 on Fri, Apr 3 2015
    Filed under: scart, dvi, hdmi, Beovision 7, RCA, Apple TV, Beovision, hdmi-switch, HDCP, BeoVision 7 32
  • How to connect a HDR2 to a Beovision 3 28

    I have connected a HDR2 to a Beovision 3 28 with a scartcable and an antenna cable. But how to setup the Beovision so I can go the menu of the HDR2? It seems that the beovision does not see the HDR2. Does anybody have an idea?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by pacificocean on Thu, Jan 2 2014
    Filed under: Beovision 3, scart, HDR2
  • Scart cable on Beosound 9000

    I am trying to remove the scart cable on our Beosound 9000. Is there any special trick to this? I have tried squeezing the plastic clips on either side, with no success. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks, David
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by DavidW2 on Thu, Oct 4 2018
    Filed under: scart, beosound 9000
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