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  • Beovox C75 problem

    Hi! I've just aqquired a set of beovox c75 speakers, which looks to be in good condition, no foam rot or anything, but the left hand speaker sounds muffled compared to the right, which is crisp and clear. Before I run back to the seller, is this something which could be an quick fix, like a build...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by knoydart on Fri, Nov 2 2012
    Filed under: Beovox, problem, speakers, muffled sound, Beovox c75
  • Beomaster 901Issues

    Hi Everyone, I have just recently brought a beomaster 901 and was sold it in fully working order. I have powered it up with some beovox 901 speakers not the best speakers in the world. When you have it switched on but no function selected and the volume is up it sounds like white noise coming from the...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Mon, Dec 3 2012
    Filed under: Beovox, beomaster 901, repair, help, right channel, problem, muffled sound, vintage, 901, beomaster.
  • Beomaster 5500 occasionally not working

    Hi, strange thing's happening here - my setup's Beogram 5500 connected to BeoMaster 5500. This duo is linked thru TAPE2 AUX--AUX to Beosound 9000. Beosound 9000 plays thru BeoLab8000. This setup works perfectly from time to time only. What I discovered was that if I disconnect BeoMaster from...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Marek on Tue, Dec 18 2012
    Filed under: Beomaster 5500, Beogram 5500, problem, Hum
  • Begram 3000 making odd beep sound

    Hi, I just got an old beogram 3000 type 5901 witch plays well, but when playing it sends a 20-30 sec. beep sound to the speakers. It is connected to a Cambrige azure 650 amplifier with a NAD PP2 RIAA. I think it might be a problem with the beogram, but i would like to hear if other have had similar problems...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by PeterHJ on Sat, Dec 29 2012
    Filed under: Beogram 3000, problem
  • BeoCenter 7007+BeoVox S75 volume problem

    Hello there, Last week I got a beocenter 7007 with two beovox s75 speaker. I connected the speakers to the beocenter with a 2p DIN cable (male and female endings). When I turn on the beocenter on the radio tuner I get a really low sound out of the boxes and this is when I have the beocenter on maximum...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Red12325 on Sat, Apr 20 2013
    Filed under: beocenter 7000, Beocenter, problem, volume problem, volume, beocenter 7007, beovox s75
  • Re: Beomaster 3000-2 (1970) made popping noise

    Hi rjee, there are several things you could try. I recapped a couple of 3000-2s and found the DIN sockets can cause problems. The silver contacts tarnish and can become loose. It's possible to remove the pins by unsoldering and twisting straight to push back through the socket front. Cleaning (silver...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Rick on Mon, Oct 14 2013
    Filed under: problem, faulty, DIN, power supply, Cleaning
  • Re: Beomaster 5000 flip down panel issues

    I have a very simulair problem where none of the buttons on the flip down panel respond. The only button that does something is the store button. I have no MCP to test if that would work. My beogram works fine and there is sound coming out of the speakers. Controlling the volume doesn't work either...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by wiwiwwii on Sat, Sep 21 2013
    Filed under: Beomaster 5000, repair, problem, Beosystem 5000
  • CDX problems

    Hope someone can give me a bit of help here. I recently aquired a CDX and a RX2 turntable for the princely sum of £55 at my local auction (cannot believe no-one esle knew what it was!) The CDX had the common broken hinge issue but if the top was closed manually the CD played fine. It sounded amazing...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by craigsteph1962 on Fri, Nov 22 2013
    Filed under: beogram cdx, repair, problem, cdx, cd mechinism
  • Beomaster 3400 - speaker output issues

    Hi Everyone, I have just brought a Beomaster 3400 it is in full original working condition. I am having a problem with the right channel on set 1 of speaker outputs it just wont work at all but when I plugged my form 2 headphones in the channel was there and working fine. I have opened up the case and...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Sat, Nov 23 2013
    Filed under: repair, right channel, problem, speakers, vintage, quadrophonic, speaker channel, wire, channel, volume, beomaster, vintage., vintage for sale, beomaster 3400
  • B&O Beomaster 5000 turntable speed adjustment?

    I was recently gifted a like-new condition Beomaster 5000 that is exceptional in every way except for the playback. Unfortunately, when I play a record, the playback is about 15 bpm too slow. I am unsure whether there is an internal adjustment on playback speed or whether I need to replace the belt,...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by kkane on Sat, Feb 8 2014
    Filed under: Beomaster 5000, problem, 5000, Beomaster 5000 speed adjustment
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