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  • SMMC4 or SMMC3? Or refurbish an old MMC4?

    Hello beopeople, Today, upon playing a brand new Black Sabbath LP, we instantly noticed significant distortion on my Beogram 5000 w MMC4. As we use the turntable frequently, and hadn't noticed any distortion a few days ago, I thought it might be the album. Lo and behold, after trying a few other...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by murcieme on Tue, Aug 6 2013
    Filed under: mmc4, smmc, beogram 5000
  • Beogram 'Tonearm' swap??

    Hello all. First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Phil, I live in the UK (West Midlands) and have been a B&O lover since I was 8 years old. I have 'gone a bit mad' on eBay and purchased a few old systems. Some of which I have got working to great success - others - I have...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by dock on Wed, Apr 23 2014
    Filed under: tonearm, beogram, mmc4, MMC20S, transplant
  • Beogram Stylus Arm Height

    Hi. I recently purchased a restored Beogram 5005 with a MMC4 cartridge. Everything has been going great and I am really pleased that I bought it. However, I am having issues with some of the new vinyl being released. Some are so thick that they make contact with the stylus in the raised position. Any...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Chris on Sun, May 31 2015
    Filed under: Beogram 5005, mmc4, vinyl, Tracking Force
  • Beogram 4500

    Hi everyone, My dad passed me on his Beogram 4500 which he didn't use anymore... Unfortunately, there's obviously a problem with the left channel : there's sound but the quality is really poor. The right channel is ok. I checked the cables and my DIN/RCA adapter and tried to reverse the plugging...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by EcceAngelo on Fri, Jan 8 2016
    Filed under: problem, mmc4, cartridge, 4500, issues, beogram 4500
  • Beogram 5005 Arm Not Lifting / Strange Behavior

    Hello fellow beoworlders! I am looking for some help regarding my new system, and this seems like the most appropriate section to post it. The post on my new Beosystem 5000 can be read here . I am having mixed luck in getting the Beogram to operate correctly. I am aware that the stylus is past its best...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Lewis on Mon, Apr 25 2016
    Filed under: Beogram 5005, Beogram 5500, tangential, beogram, beomaster, tangential arm issues, mmc4, mmc 4
  • Beogram 5500 Tonearm/MMC4 problem

    I'm a newbie to the forum, so forgive me if I seem a little slow! I have a Beogram 5500 fitted with an MMC4. All in working order, except that when the tonearm lowers onto a record, the sound is very distorted - until I gently tap the end of the tonearm down. Then the MMC4 "settles" about...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by kightley on Fri, Mar 10 2017
    Filed under: Beogram 5500, mmc4
  • Beogram 3000 (1985-1986) tangential tracking Arm questions

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Hi All Sorry a bit of a long post but trying to give as much detail as possible. For the last four years I have been the custodian of my dads Beocentre 9500 that he has owned since 1989, he was the Authorised dealer in the late 80's early 90's...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by SamuelT on Wed, Jun 7 2017
    Filed under: mmc4, Beogram 3000, mmc 4
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