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  • Re: The MasterLink protocol and opensource

    Hi there, so, this is an old thread, but maybe the following will be useful to folks. You can use a MasterLink Gateway to monitor the full ML bus using an undocumented command _MLLOG from the CLI. Here is a python script that will dump the traffic on the bus, and it implements the best I know about the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Giovanni on Sat, Dec 26 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, MLGW, MLGW python Domoticz, Mlgw Masterlink Gateway Domoticz ethernet home automation Alexa echo dot, BLGW
  • BLC NL/ML with BeoLink Passive and BeoPlay A6

    Hi everyone I searched the forum for an answer to my problem but I didn't find anything and so I decided to open a new thread. I have the following ml / nl configuration (see photo below): The NL / ML BLC is set up like this: while BeoPlay A6 is set up like this: The system works well, the audio...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Zeus_72 on Thu, Sep 10 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, Network Link, NL, beoplay A6, Beolink Converter NL/ML Issue
  • Masterlink puzzle - no video sound distribution on BS9000 or BL Passive

    I recently added a BV7-40 to my Masterlink network, and attached an AppleTV to it. I use the AppleTV for video but also for Airplay from my iPhone to distribute music. Previously, with my BS3 with an AppleTV attached to "TV" I was able to distribute music. In the new setup, after many different...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Gregg on Fri, Aug 28 2020
    Filed under: AppleTV, masterlink, Beovision 7-40, Beolink, Beolink Passive, 9000, Airplay, BeoLink Gateway, Beolink Master Link Network Link Horizon, Beolink blgw, Beosound 9000 Mk II, Audio distribution
  • Connecting BeoVision 10-46 to BS9000 via Masterlink

    Hi there I have a BeoSound 9000 with BeoLab 8000 speakers. I have bought a 2nd hand Beovision 10-46 and I want to connect the two systems. I tried connecting them via the Beo4 with V.Opt and A.Opt on both systems, but they are not responding to each other. What am I doing wrong? Is it better to connect...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Vebo on Fri, Aug 7 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, beosound 9000, Beovision 10-46
  • How to use BS3000 in multiroom with no Master Link

    Hi, I have a BS3000 / BeoMedia 1 with BL6000 speakers which I absolutely love. However, I would like to do multi room with this system and keep BS3000 as a master source but the NL/ML converter just seems to be a very expensive option. I would like to add one room with another set of BL6000 As far as...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jesperlj on Wed, Jun 10 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, BS3000, Beomedia 1, NL/ML Converter, multi room, BL6000
  • Is there a way to "rip" from sources other than the CD on a BS and /BM5 such as a phono?

    My new Beosound 5 will be part of a Masterlink network. I have a cross over cable from my Beosystem 9500 going into the AUX port on my Beosound 9000 that allows me to listen to the Beogram 9500 on my Masterlink network. Is there a way over the Masterlink to have the BS5/BM5 record a MASTERLINK source...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Gregg on Wed, May 20 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, BeoSound 5, BeoMaster 5, bs5, BM5
  • DAC and Masterlink

    Hello, I am still using a MasterLink based system. My audio master is a Beosound Overture. I wonder how much I should invest in a DAC as the BS Overture will ultimately broadcast the analog signal over the Masterlink cable.The signal is un-amplified so I'm not worried about loss, but is the master...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Scott Needham on Mon, May 11 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, ML, DAC
  • Beosound 3200 and Beosond core combination

    I connected my Beolab 8000 directly to Beosound core and my from Aux (Beosound 3200) I go via Line in to the Core in order to be still able to play my CDs via the Beolab 8000. I have also a Masterlink connection from another room (Beolab 2000) to the Beosound 3200. The following problems accures: When...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by janderlohr on Mon, Mar 9 2020
    Filed under: B&O Beolab, Beolab 8000, masterlink, beo sound 3200, besound 3200, connection problem, #B&O App, Besound Core
  • Link Beovision 6-22 and 7-40

    I have a Beovision 7-40 and Beosound 3000 in my livingroom and a Beovision 6-22 in my bedroom. They are masterlinked, and I can play the CD and radio from the livingroom in my bedroom. I have also linked the picture with the standard aerial cable. I have followed every manuals and changed modes on main...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Andreas on Mon, Feb 3 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, Beovision 7-40, beovision 6 23 22 26 2004 2005
  • Add an audio source to BV10-32

    Hi all, in my quest to find an alternative solution for BMLink after switching to MacOS Catalina (which doesn't have iTunes anymore), I stumbled across shairplay (and similar streaming solution for the raspberry PI). I have shairplay running on a Pi here and when connecting directly to B&O Speakers...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by tb59427 on Sat, Feb 1 2020
    Filed under: masterlink, AirPlay iPhone, bv10, airplay 2
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