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  • Beolab 8000 to connect over AirPlay

    Hi everyone, I am kinda new to this “sport”. And within the group. Nice to meet you all. I got some Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8000 MKII and I would like to connect them with my iPhone or iPad via AirPlay. At the moment I am able to listen to music by directly connect each speaker to an RCA...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by TPal on Sun, Jun 24 2018
    Filed under: Airplay, Apple, beolab8000, iMac, iPhone, Beolab
  • How to connect a 5.1 (Beolab 17) to my mac? Is there a powerlink ethernet hub?

    Hi, How can I connect my 5.1 (5 x beolab 17 , 1 x beolab 19) to my mac using digital connections only ? Currently I'm using an AVR(HDMI out into the AVR) and use the pre-outs to connect via RCA to the speakers. Given that Beolab 17/19 has digital connections(powerlink) and internal DAC I would like...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by themihai on Thu, May 17 2018
    Filed under: mac, hdmi, network, LinkMusic, iMac, optical, toslink, BM-link, BeoLabTransmitter1, BeoLab17, BeoLab19, MacBook Pro, belab17
  • Best way to connect BeoLab 3's to Mac or Airport express

    I have a pair of Beolab 3's I'd like to use on my Mac. I currently have 2 Powerlink to RCA cables also. Preferably I would like to connect the BeoLab 3's to an Airport express to make them wireless. How would I have to go about this? I assume I need a DAC that has RCA and outputs to optical...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by Severed_Hand_of_Skywalker on Sat, Dec 5 2015
    Filed under: Airplay, Apple, DAC, iMac, bola 3
  • BeoPlay A2 "Pairing Rejected" with iMac

    I have a BeoPlay A2 that is being rejected by my iMac - it sees the device, but rejects pairing and asks (under 'options') for a pairing code. There is no pairing code, as far as I know. Anyone have this problem? I can pair the A2 with other devices. iOS is fully updated.
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by trollerboy on Fri, Sep 18 2015
    Filed under: iMac, fail, A2, BeoPlay A2, pairing rejected, beoplay, pairing
  • How to pair Beo essence wheel remote with non B&O bluetooth

    Hi I just got wheel remote for essence I hear that its possible to pair it with an iMac (Bluetooth) i don't have any luck with it the manual don't say anything so maybe some in here know how All the best Brian
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by Brian on Sun, Jan 19 2020
    Filed under: mac, Remote, iMac, pairing, Bluetooth, connection problems
  • BM-Link and Catalina

    Hi all, has anyone tried MacOS Catalina (beta)? Have you checked how BM-Link behaves in the absence of iTunes? Will it continue to work with the iTunes successors? regards Torsten
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by tb59427 on Sun, Sep 15 2019
    Filed under: Linkplayer, mac, Apple, iTunes, LinkMusic, iMac, BM-link
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